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The new content also brought 3 new jobs to the overall game – Dark Knight, Machinist, and Astrologian–likewise 10 new levels and 5 rewarding for all on the existing jobs. These have already been well regarded for that most part, though Bard and Machinist’s damage is widely discussed caused by one of their skills being a very hot topic today, and also the target of the FF14 Gil hotfix contained in today’s patch.

The three new classes are interesting, however. Dark Knight falls somewhere amongst Paladin and Warrior, both the existing tanks, while exceling at dealing damage and tanking simultaneously. Machinist is often a crowd control master, lots of its abilities having additional effects like silences and stuns, whilst being the other non-magic ranged DPS class alongside Bard.

Astrologian is really a healer containing access to many support buffs to Buy FFXIV Gil the party, centered around tarot cards. However, they offer up solo damage potential because of these buffs, causing them to be significantly less viable on their very own (in spite of Cleric Stance), but great in the party situation.

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