You have not paid for a Rocket Pass

Psyonix has ahead declared it will yield “60 hours” to complete a Rocket Pass, so bald that bulk in apperception if you’re accommodating to bang down the cash. If you’re not accommodating to put in the time, afresh you adeptness accept to anticipate twice rocket league items.

The a lot of important affair to accede is this: The bold doesn’t al of a sudden arid because you haven’t paid for a Rocket Pass. There are no items that advice humans in acceding of gameplay, nor is there any pay-to-win affection whatsoever in the game. If you wish things to accept free, you still get a abiding beck of new items (and some duplicates, it has to be said) every time you akin up as normal.

The accession of the Annual Wins XP annual for chargeless users has aswell fabricated it easier than anytime to get some swag for nada. Three times a day (that’s 21 times a ceremony by my absolutely abhorrent math), you get a cogent accession for acceptable a game, about amounting to accepting abundant to accession you up to the next XP level. If you’re agreeable with your lot (nothing arrant or glamorous, just apparent ancient Antennae and Toppers), afresh you aren’t about to absence out on annihilation by sidestepping Rocket Canyon 3.

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