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Original Title: Wu Ji

Genge: Action,Drama,Fantasy












































Empowered by the love of a slave (Jang), a royal concubine (Cheung) is given the chance to make an extraordinary decision.
When the world was young, laid a Kingdom between the Land of Snow and the Barbarian Territory where gods and men lived side by side and promises were lies. When the poor and starving orphaned girl Qingcheng meets the Goddess Manshen, she accepts to become the wealthy beauty of beauties with the curse that she would lose every man she loves, unless three things happen: snow falls in the spring, time moves backwards and the dead comes back to life. Years later, the slave Kunlun helps the Great General Master of the Crimson Armor Guangming to defeat a barbarian army with almost seven times more warriors, and Kunlun becomes his slave. When Guangming is wounded, he asks Kunlun to wear his armor and save the king from the cruel Duke of the North Wuhuan that put the Imperial City under siege with his army. However, Kunlun kills the king to save Princess Qingcheng and promises her to never let her die. Princess Qingcheng falls in love for the man of the crimson armor that she believes is General Guangming. When Snow Wolf saves Kunlun and brings him to the Land of Snow, he recollects his childhood when his mother and sister were killed by the evil Wuhuan. Kunlun decides to return to the Kingdom to face Wuhuan and fight for his love.
This movie was truly so bad that I laughed pretty much the whole way through it. Then when I heard it was going to play in the US theaters, I was so embarrassed that the US audience is going to see this movie and think that this is what Chinese cinema is all about. First off, I've read many of the comments on the message boards where people who blasted this movie have been called by other posters as western-minded and ignorant of Asian culture. Let me just state that, yes, I was raised in the US, but I was born in Taiwan and raised by my parents, who were born in China. I saw this movie with both of my parents and all three of us hated it. What was bad about it? Just about everything. To list it all would take up too much time, so let me just list a few of the most terrible bits:

  • The "special" effects: it was so "special" it looks like some guy just made it up on his home computer and slapped it on. I heard that this was a big-budget movie. Obviously, none of that money went towards real special effects. Most of the video games I've played had better graphics. In fact, most of the low-budget TV dramas from China and Taiwan had better special effects.

  • The plot: I'll admit the idea that this girl can have everything she wants in life except love is a good plot. But the way the rest of the story plays out basically have next to nothing to do with this.

  • The characters: I get that this is a fantasy movie so things don't have to be believable. But some of the things these characters do just end up being so illogical as to boggle my mind. Why were the Emperor and his mistress standing on top of the roof of their palace when there's a huge army waiting to kill them down on the ground? Isn't that a surefire way for arrows to hit them?

By the end of this movie (and I'll confess I have no idea what happened in the end because I was beyond caring at that point), I was crying tears of boredom. The plot started out as somewhat interesting and just descended into garbage from there on. None of the characters were likable, and I could really care less what happened to them. Some people have issues with the accents of the actors, but I can overlook that since it is a fantasy movie. The only redeeming quality of this movie is possibly the pretty colors. Everything else (the martial arts, the costumes, and yes, the special effects) was just so blah and have been done a hundred times better in countless other movies. From the preview it looked like What Dreams May Come mixed with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon mixed with Dynasty Warriors. I ordered it, as had I had Hero and House of Flying Daggers, confident that Kaige Chen, director of Farewell My Concubine and Zhang Yimou's fellow member of the 5th generation would deliver. What I got was, well, very campy.

The plot by itself, or at least the basic idea behind several plot elements, isn't bad. Interesting actually; unlike Hero, Crouching Tiger, and House of Flying Daggers, it takes place in a purely fantastical world, not necessarily China. Outside of that, there isn't much going for the film. The nice visuals in the movie are pretty much limited to what you see in the trailer; they are few and far between, and many are simply come off looking like cheap special effects.

Which is what really ruined the movie. The bad special effects. They were far more similar to those of the comical Kung Fu Hustle rather than the elegant Crouching Tiger. (Unfortunately the comparison is accurate...effects from running really fast to jumping rapidly seem to have been almost replicated in The Promise).

A couple of scenes were edited badly. Really badly.

I cannot believe that the man who directed Farewell My Concubine, Life on a String, and Emperor and the Assassin could have directed this.

So yeah, maybe rent it. While it aspires to draw the same audiences who admired "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero," The Promise is but a pale imitation of those landmark films.
In order to create a more appealing version for Western audiences the movie had to be cut - like many other Asian productions. More than 80 differences can be found between both versions and altogether, nearly 20 minutes were left out. This streamlined version loses the depth of the Original cut.


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