The Witcher 3 places of power offer skill points that help to improve the gameplay, several Signs’ intensity, and level up. It also gives a handy thing in order to attain an advantage, i.e., increase level along with magic’s potency with every single point you earn in the game. So, learning where to find a Place of Power will save your time, make you faster and powerful. Here is the full breakdown is given below that will help to know the exact location where a gamer needs to go. 


The Witcher Places of Power: White Orchard – 

White Orchard is where a player will first begin the adventure in the Witcher 3 game. In case you are a complete beginner of this game, then it is highly suggested to locate such Places of Power initially as it will give you the best start.

  1. White Orchard, Aard Place of Power:

In the northern region, you will find this place of power. Make sure to stay alert in the area as ghouls, wolves, and bears surround it. If you are not careful, then you will be a lump of dead meat. So, try to increase your level in case you are a beginner and then approach to get the skill point.

  1. White Orchard, Igni Place of Power:

From the Aard place of power, move only a hundred or so steps in the south to reach the second place of power in the White Orchard.   The Igni place of power is not hard to miss, as it is present in the right-middle side of the White Orchard cemetery. Note, you will face ghosts on your way as they will try to stop from approaching.

  1. White Orchard, Axxi Place of Power:

Head straight to the west from the White Orchard cemetery to get the next Axxi Place of Power. It is located near the Nilfgardian garrison in the forest. Gamers will have to visit the garrison during the main quest, so you can easily avoid the Place of power until then.

  1. White Orchard, Quen Place of Power:

It does not matter where you are coming from, and it might be helpful to get the Quen place of power first. Besides that, head towards the east near the battlefield to reach the location. In case you find yourself in front of a locked gate, then you are on the right path and will start hearing the recognizable music of the White Orchard, Place of Power.

Furthermore, gamers can also reach the location by complete the quest, i.e., “The Beast of White Orchard.” For that, you will need to locate a griffin’s nest and get the skill points accordingly.

  1. White Orchard, Yrden Place of Power:

This place of power is not too far from the Quen place of power. Gamers need to head east until you find an abandoned village. After that, find your way to the south side and reach a slumbering level 6 bear.

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Source : Witcher 3 Places of Power: Guide to Skill Points and Map Locations




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