WiFi Bridge Setup

WiFi Bridge mywifiext Setup Use the Ethernet ports on your Trek to interface up to two Ethernet enabled gadgets remotely to your current WiFi system To utilize the Trek as a WiFi connect: Associate the Trek to a power source. For more data, Turn on capacity to the Trek by moving the Internet Mode change from the Power Off position to the Wireless position. Pivot the Trek's spread clockwise to arrange the radio wire.

Associate your PC or remote gadget to the Trek's SSID, or interface your PC or remote gadget to the Trek's LAN port with an Ethernet link. (Discretionary) Connect an Ethernet link between the LAN port of the Trek and the Ethernet port of another gadget. Open an internet browser on your PC or remote gadget, type www. mywifiext. net  in the location field, and press the Enter key. In the event that a login screen shows, enter administrator for your client name and secret phrase for your secret key for the mywifiext.net settings. At that point click the OK catch.

The Wireless as WAN screen shows, which demonstrates the accessible remote systems. Ensure that the Extend my present remote switch's range check box is chosen. Select the remote system that you need to associate with and enter the related security data for that remote system. To have the capacity to utilize these settings again without having to return them, select the To spare a name for mywifiext profile check box. In the field gave, enter a name for the profile. Snap the Apply catch. The Trek is arranged as a WiFi connect following a two-minute setup process. (Discretionary) Connect your different remote gadgets to the Trek.

Associate WiFi Devices to Your Trek Connect remote gadgets, for example, work areas, PCs, cell phones, and tablets to your Trek. You can associate these WiFi gadgets either physically or utilizing the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) technique. For best remote association execution, turn the Trek's spread clockwise to position its reception apparatus appropriately From your remote gadget, see the mywifiext.net accessible remote systems. For more data, see the manual that accompanied your gadget. From the rundown of accessible remote systems, select the remote system name (SSID) of the Trek. The SSID is imprinted on the Trek's item name. From your remote gadget, start a remote association. For more data, see the manual that accompanied your gadget.

At the point when incited by your remote gadget, enter the remote system key (secret phrase) of the Trek. The secret key is imprinted on the Trek's item mark. From the screen of your remote gadget, click the proper catch to proceed with the association methodology. You are associated remotely to the Trek. Rehash Step 1 through Step 5 for every remote gadget that you need to interface with the Trek. Use WPS to associate a WiFi gadget to the Trek without entering the remote system name or system key. Rather, you sign in to the Trek and either click a catch or enter a PIN to associate.


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