So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “Networking”. Most probably, the eam Networking means to to connect. And by connect we digitized the term and take it in form of social media like Facebook and Instagram. However, if you are more concerned about this you might think of networking as in connecting for career opportunities.


But when you are a techie, Networking becomes a new and intuitive way to grow your business. Networking with Netgear comes with a lot many aspects that include routers and other networking devices that help you get an internet connection in your home. You need an internet connection in every area of your home. From computers to laptops and printers, routers basically exists to help you connect to the internet securely.


But with so many brands coming up with a range of networking devices, it has became more of a confusions for the consumers of the United States of America. To break the ice of the the new networking devices, Netgear has successfully launched routers and extenders that offer connectivity in every corner of your space. And with the local we address you can now be sure that they are offering the right kind of service for their clientele.


But many homeowners complaint that even after connecting the router with a home specific extender they somehow receive an error message stating “Page Not Found”. After receiving a lot many queries, we have finally come up with a post that states the Page Not Found error message is not the Internet connections fault. When you have securely connected your internet and have setup a connection, receiving such a message means that the page doesn’t exist anymore of it never did. In this case, it is important for you to check the url you are entering is correct or not.



What can you do?


Before you exit the page after receiving a Page Not Found error, it is important to refresh the page and clear the cache. Though there are no specific reason to receive a message like so, simply refreshing the page might just be the solution.


Another thing you can do is - Check for the errors in the URLs. There can be small typos or mistakes that lead to such case or the sender may have sent to you a wrong email address. Try searching the page with the url.


For example: - might show you a 404 Error. So you can move up the URL and try locating- However, if this URL is als not available, one can always try to direct the home page and land up on the home page. You can then try locating this page from the pages on the home page.


If you are receiving server error message while connecting to, contact Netgear technicians. We will assist you and help you receive the desired connection.

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