Temporary hair removal techniques such as waxing, shaving, and threading usually occupy very much time. Now these time consuming temporary methods are replaced by permanent one i.e. laser hair removal. In the process of laser hair reduction, the hair follicle is damaged which stops the hair growth from the root. The procedure of laser hair removal must be carried with the help of expert laser specialists as they have complete knowledge about the formation of skin and can lead us better. Skin is our most delicate body part. Experiencing waxing, shaving damages the surface of the skin and destroys its sleekness.


Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Lasers are very valuable for removing undesired hair from the legs, underarm, face, arm, bikini line, & other body areas.

Accuracy. Lasers can purposely target coarse and dark hair while willingly save the encompassing skin.

Speed. Each beat of the laser takes a portion of a second & can handle multiple hairs at a time. The laser can manage a region roughly the area of a quarter each second. Small regions can be managed in half a minute like upper lips, while large areas may take an hour like back and legs areas.

Predictability. 90% of cases have experienced permanent hair reduction just after 3 to 5 laser sessions.

Why women should go for laser hair removal?

For several women, how she looks is of absolute importance and she continuing to visit great measures to assure that she looks good. Unwanted hairs are possibly one of the most important situations women all over the world face daily. She would want to relish smooth hairless armpits, arms, face, and legs daily although there are several ways of obtaining the same, few are endeavoring a permanent benefit.

For example, if you shave hair, you'll perceive stubble overnight. Likewise, waxing & hair removal creams can also serve just for a few days. Though, these times there are also licensed approaches for common hair removal and the laser is best of them. The laser energy targeted the melanin pigment seen in hair roots, which then begins damage so it helps in a reduction of hair growth as well as their quality and texture. It'll take many sessions to achieve the ultimate results. 

Is laser hair removal safe?

The laser hair removal procedure is completely safe. The laser damages the dark pigment melanin, being in the hair follicles, and doesn't hurt the encircling tissues. In case your approach is done by an expert and able professional; then there is nothing dangerous at all.

Is Laser hair removal painful?

The usage of a laser to get free from unwanted body hair seems scary, but they aren't painful at all. The pain entrance and immunity differ from person to person. The majority of people feel a tingling feeling, and it doesn't pain more than waxing. It doesn't cause bleeding and it's more reliable and faster compared to waxing.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The cost of laser hair removal is the only question that keeps coming up in the minds of the people. Moreover, notwithstanding the unexpected cost of laser hair removal approach, its reputation is still on the rise. The cost of removing hair with a laser usually depends upon the number of sessions that we may need. To provide you a thought, the cost for laser hair removal treatment range from 300 AED to 6000 AED at Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, leading plastic/cosmetic surgery clinic in Dubai.


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