Have you ever rented a car during your journey? Whenever you go, you have a chance to rent a car or use public transport. Most of people prefer traveling by car. Even young drivers prefer renting a car under 21 to long lines, crowded subways, and late buses. Everyone, young and adults, knows that car rental is a great opportunity to save money on transportation and get more comfort and free time. If you’ve never rented a car, you may not know main ruleі and hidden secrets of the rental procedure, especially if you are a young driver. Read this post! The information is useful for all and everyone who wants to rent a car and spend the next weekend traveling.




You can find much information about the car rental rules. Also, it would be great if you could read the companies’ rental policies. One way or another there are things you can’t rent your car without. First of all, you need a credit card. What about a debit card? It is possible, but rarely. You can count on your fingers all the companies that work with debit and prepaid cards.

  1. Renting car under 21

Age is a very important aspect when renting a car under 21. Every company has some age restrictions and limited choice of cars for young drivers. It’s ok. They don’t want to risk and give you luxury or vintage cars. What if you crush the car and make company pay for reparation? Nobody likes this.

  1. Best time to rent a car

What is the best time to rent a car? The earlier the better! If you already know the dates of your trip, go online and find a vehicle. It often happens that there are few cars available during the weekend, holidays, or so-called hot period. The prices go up! In our days, it will be cheaper to book a flight, car, and hotel online beforehand. Think on the date of your return. You will lose your money if you book a car for longer term than you really need.

  1. Renting car in advance

Do you know that you can save 15% of the car rental price when book in advance. You can save even more if you could get a sale coupon or code. The closer day of your departure is the higher prices will be. Mobile apps can help you to book a car online in the fastest way. Everyone knows that pre-booking is the most effective way to save money. Do you know the date of your trip? Book a car right now! The choice of cars is really big!


  1. Best location for renting car

How is it possible to find the best rental location? It is not about the country or city. It’s rather about the location in the city or airport. First of all, you need a map. Try to download the map of the city and the map of the airport to follow the right directions. As a rule, it is not a big deal to find a rental counter in the airport. But it often happens that the rental office of your company needs a shuttle to get there. The prices in the airport are usually higher than somewhere in the city. Does it matter if you pay online? No, it doesn’t. Online rental can help to save your money and you can pick up the car just from the airport.

When you rent a car in the city office, check this location beforehand or ask manager about all possible fees and restrictions. It may happen that you are not allowed to rent a car in this district if you are under 25 or you can rent economy class cars only.



Slow and steady wins the race. If it is not about you, don’t even try to travel by rental car. Nevertheless, the rental car insurance can help. Don’t skip this useful option if you don’t have a personal or credit card insurance. As a rule, your general insurance covers loss and damage of your rental car. Check it first! Also, paying for the insurance you pay for the road assistance. The company will always help in case you need some reparations on the way.

Renting car online has become easier and faster. The procedure of rental doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. But don’t be lazy and spend some time for searches. Hinting for cheapest deals, avoid the last minute booking. Just spend some time to compare prices from different agencies and make your decision. Do you want the best price? Go ONLINE? The cancelling of your rental is free. So, if you can find some time to find the best restaurant for tonight, you can find a minute to do a rental deal.


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