Why Timeshare is Better?


Why Time Share is Better and Why People are Signing Up in Record Numbers


Timeshare has a lot of undeserved bad reputation. The most common complaint is that it is a scam that preys on helpless senior citizens to lure them into buying something that they cannot use. The business is grossly misunderstood which is unfortunate because it can be a very good investment for its intended market.

A timeshare in an investment in lifestyle. If you go on regular vacations and would want your vacation planning to be stress-free, then timeshare is for you. Buying a timeshare means owning the right to vacation for a set period, at a specific resort, every year. Of course, anybody can go on vacation without a timeshare. There are a lot of hotels and resorts for the picking. If you can afford to, you can even build a vacation home. These are all good options, but timeshare is better and here are the reasons why.

  1. Owning a vacation home comes with responsibility. During the months you’re not using it, you would need a live-in caretaker or somebody who can watch and clean it regularly. You also pay for the year-round maintenance cost. With timeshare, what you own is not a real estate but “time” wherein you can use a resort’s facilities. The amount you pay for timeshare, including maintenance fee, is a lot less.
  2. Staying in a hotel or a regular resort can be expensive because they will charge you their current published rate which can go up during peak seasons and holidays. This will not happen with a timeshare. Even when the costs of lodgings and amenities go up, your timeshare payment stays the same.
  3. Timeshare properties are vetted before they get included in the catalog. You are given a choice among properties that are most desirable for vacationers.
  4. When vacationing in a regular resort or hotel, you will get a bedroom that has a toilet and bathroom. You do not have the luxury of preparing your own meals or having a bigger area to lounge in. When you own a timeshare, you can stay in a high-end condominium-style unit that has several bedrooms, bathrooms, a full kitchen, dining area, and a living room. You can cook your meals if you want to. Everybody with has their own bedroom and this can be relaxing for everybody. You can have the privacy that hotel rooms and shared spaces cannot give.
  5. A lot of timeshare resorts offer more than what regular hotels and resorts give. Normally a hotel or resort will only have a swimming pool, or access to a beach if there is one nearby. Timeshare is different. There are timeshare resorts where you can go horseback riding in. Some may have a golf course, tennis court, and other sports facilities. You can even go skiing in some.
  6. Owning a timeshare can help your social status. A typical timeshare owner is 49 years old, married, educated and earning about $70,000 per annum. If you hang out with this demographic, you can build a network of like-minded friends that can help you socially and professionally.


At the risk of sounding cliché, you can’t really put a good product down. Despite the bad publicity it gets, there is a recent surge in timeshare membership. This is not at all surprising given the longevity of the business. There are a lot of happy timeshare owners who quietly enjoy their investment. This drowns the noise that comes from baseless complaints and accusations.


Accor Vacation Club

Accor Vacation Club is a licensed timeshare offering of AccorHotels. Members enjoy top-quality accommodation in Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. A team of dedicated travel planners continuously work with leading travel companies around the world to widen the range of properties and destinations that the members can experience. This team of dedicated planners sees to it that members can enjoy a lifetime of wonderful holidays without the hassle and headache of planning.

Here are some of the favorite vacation destinations of Accor Vacation Club members:

  1. Sebel Sydney Manly Beach – This is the favorite destination of those who want to the 3S – sun, sand, and sea. The Sebel Sydney Manly Beach boasts of a breathtaking waterfront setting. Members can have a choice of one and two-bedroom fully-equipped apartments that include kitchenettes.
  2. Sebel Melbourne Flinders Lane – If you are one of those who still want a city-vibe even when vacationing, then you will love Sebel Melbourne Flinders Lane. Located in the fashion and foodie district of Melbourne, this boutique hotel boasts of 56 beautifully-furnished apartments. You will enjoy being cocooned in your room and when you want to venture out, you’re but a short stroll to theatres, museums, and restaurants.
  3. Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort – This is another favorite among beach-lovers. The Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort is favored for its laid-back ambiance and the seclusion it offers.
  4. Grand Mercure Basildene Manor – This is the favorite destination of wine-lovers. The Grand Mecure Basildene Manor is in Margaret River, which is a wine region. This rustic manor house is near to wineries, restaurants and cafes.
  5. Sebel Pinnacle Valley – This destination offers year-round outdoor activities. Members can go horseback riding, bushwalking and play golf. Come wintertime, members can go skiing in the Mt. Buller ski slopes which is only 30 minutes away from the resort.
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