Why the chlorine generator must be used in the swimming pools?

When we think of cleaning the outdoor area and treating pool water, our minds immediately go to chlorine. Pentair Intellipro Pump is widely used to keep the water clean and ready for the swimming pool. But it is also associated with some health impacts, such as skin allergies.

Have you ever stopped to think or research about why chlorine is used in these situations? Do you know how important it is to keep the pool clean? If you want to better understand how chlorine is used and how it is incorporated into pool water treatment, read through this text to the end. We've put together everything you need to know about it in one place.

How is chlorine used in pool water treatment?

The pool cleaning routine begins with the installation of Pentair Intelliflo Pump and with some essential equipment. They are the pump and the filter, which are installed at the time of construction or renovation of the pool. There are also those that are handled routinely, such as the bottom vacuum cleaner, the sieve and even the coating brushes.

Throughout this whole process, there is one essential point: the pH balance of the water. It is at this point that we understand if we need to add chemicals, such as chlorine so that the water is at the expected pH. This is so that we can artificially prevent fungi, algae and bacteria from proliferating in the water and leaving your pool completely green.

Is it possible to decrease the amount of chlorine in a pool?

It is very common when we enter swimming pools in common use, as in hotels, large condos or clubs, find water with an excessive amount of chlorine. In some cases, you can even smell the product. With this, it comes to know that there is an installation of the Pentair Superflo Pump.
It is necessary to guarantee the quality of the water. However, this is a problem that could be solved by installing one of two possible equipment: the chlorine generator or the Ultraviolet Treatment.

What is a chlorine generator?

The chlorine generator is an equipment that acts directly in the treatment of pool water. It uses salt without iodine as a fuel to generate chlorine. In reality, what happens is disinfection of the water without the need for the chlorine tablets inside the pool. In practice, with the Pentair Super-Max Pump, the pool is completely clean, with crystal clear water, without damaging the bathers' health. This is definitely an extremely economical solution.


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