Why Skill-Based Learning and Soft Skills are important at Schools

What does good education give you? A box full of useful facts which is required to navigate the world of work and a handsome package? Or does one need a set of soft skills to manage education change in the future and familiarise oneself with changes susceptible in the future?

Many educationalists and politicians go back and forth contemplating between knowledge and skills. However, truth be told a good education gives you both - Knowledge and skills.

When talking about skill-based learning at schools, it helps in developing and applying those specific garnished skills that can then be used to obtain knowledge. The classroom environment encourages independence, at the same time combining active-learning and collaboration to help retain what you have learned.

It is said that skill-based education is most suitable for class 8th onward. One can even begin earlier to prevent the level of school dropouts. Vocational training in schools can help one push up his/her interest, attendance rates and encourage broader participation.

Skill-based education, if taken seriously, can empower the vast, unemployed labour force and help India emerge as a critical contributor to a global skills-based economy enriching itself in the bargain.

Whereas if one can inculcate soft skills into one’s curriculum will give any student the upper hand in completing their education. In addition to that, one will also have an advantage over other people to meet workplace expectations, an increase in confidence.

Soft skills help students prepare for the future

While talking about the value and importance of soft skills- it lies within their flexibility. Students might be shaped well into adulthood, providing students with second chances to school as well as work, even after their cognitive skills have been more firmly set.

Some methods to Strengthen Students’ SOFT SKILLS

One needs to inspire curiosity and make it okay for the students to say “I don’t know” within a classroom and even if you are on the other side of the table, as a teacher, admit it when you don’t know an answer. As a teacher, what one can do is provide just a bit of information on something to ignite some spark within the students.

A pre-school that caters to both these skills are Kidzee. They are a decade-long legacy of nurturing the unique potential of every child. For any admission based enquiry, one can check out any best pre-school near you. If one is curious about the preschool admission age, then it ranges from 1.5 yrs to 2.5 yrs.

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