pillow supplier has many advantages over other fibres as a raw material for textiles. Moso bamboo is the most important bamboo in China, where it covers about 3 million hectares. It is the main species for bamboo timber and plays an important role for the ecological environment.  As well as having edible shoots, it is said to have a breaking tenacity more than three times that of cotton, wool, rayon or polyester – so it’s super durable!

Bamboo pillow supplier is cheap, easy to grow and it grows quickly.  It is a sustainable and efficient crop. Bamboo minimises CO2, but not only this, according to Bamboo Central it actually generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees!  Again, to compare: one hectare of bamboo removes 62 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year while one hectare of young forest only removes 15.

Even though bamboo pillow supplier fabrics are often advertised as antibacterial, in reality finished bamboo fabric does not retain all of the bamboo’s original antibacterial property; research is being conducted whereby antibacterial agents are being added to bamboo fabric to enhance its antibacterial properties.

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