Why is the spring roll of the hotel thin and soft?

Spring roll skin is a very common delicious food in daily life. It is delicious with vegetables or meat. But why isn't the spring roll skin made in the restaurant not thin, soft, and not broken? Where is the reason? Today, Xiaobian will tell you the spring rolls in the hotel. The secret is all in this step. Let’s take a look at it!


First prepare a clean large bowl, then pour the right amount of flour into the pot, add hot water to the flour, stir and knead the dough, smooth and cover with plastic wrap, and stand for about an hour.


Wake up the dough, grow the strips and divide them into evenly sized doses to make the size of the dumplings. Then use a brush to apply a layer of oil to the dough, then stack another dough and repeat this step. Put 10 to 20 pieces of dough together and gently press them, then use a rolling pin to form a thin cake. Put it in a steamer and steam it over the fire.


Time is adjusted according to the thickness of the cake and the firepower. The steamed noodles are peeled off one by one, so that the thin spring rolls of paper are made. The simple and delicious spring roll skin is also finished, and the friends will try it out!


There are also some hotels and spring rolls processing factories that use the spring roll machine to quickly make spring rolls. The spring rolls made are thin and soft. Please pay attention to our website for details:


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIwCPKAJQVA&feature=youtu.be



Tips: The skin must be brushed with a layer of oil, and then another layer of dough, or it will easily stick together.

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