As before, there are only female dolls, so no girls will buy this kind of products, and the former women's status is very low, so it is even more impossible to buy, even if there is, it is only a small group. With the changes and progress of the times, the status of women has been improved, their thoughts have gradually liberated, and some male dolls or other female adult products have gradually emerged.
Of course, we can't say that women buying sex dolls is a very disgusting and perverted thing. Now these things are normal, women have a day of desire, and men are the same, so don't look at people who buy sex dolls, whether women or men.
 If you want to buy sex dolls now, if you care about other people's eyes and fear others to say you, then you better not buy, because you are particularly concerned about other people's evaluation of you, in order not to hurt your heart. Of course, if you can change your eyes on others through sexual dolls, this may be a good thing. After all, sex dolls are not just sex dolls, they can also heal people's hearts.

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