Why do I need a high quality translation service?

High quality translation legal documents are a serious task. An inaccurate translation can complicate the legal processes that you are carrying out, putting money, time and even your freedom or immigration status at risk.

An example of a legal process that was overturned because of a bad translation happened in California in 2010. Judge John H. Tiernan overturned criminal charges by discovering serious errors in the translation of one of the court interpreters.

You may be bilingual and understand French and English perfectly. However, when it comes to legal terms, it is necessary to hire an English to French document translator who knows how to interpret legal language correctly.

Interpret Legal Language:

Some certain words and expressions cannot be translated word by word. In these cases, only a professional translator, whose main language is French or English or has sufficient experience in the legal environment, can translate the document without changing the meaning of the text.

The peace of mind of having a professional document translation services near me is that you have the guarantee of knowing that the procedures will not be stopped due to errors that could have been avoided.

Cultural Interpretation:

The process of translating legal documents implies taking into account the legal culture of the place from which the document was written and that of the reader in another language. The translator will have to find a way to explain legal situations that the reader may not be familiar with.

For example, in the United States, a contract that is valid in one state may not be valid in another state. In matrimonial matters, how assets are distributed in case of divorce is different in each state.

The laws regulating sales, guarantees, and consumer protection also change, even from one county to another. On top of all this, it can become more complex if it is necessary to interpret legal concepts internationally.

For all these reasons we recommend consulting translate French to English document service provider with an expert professional translator in legal documents, to take care of your translations.

Among the documents that normally need translation are:

- Requests and forms of migration
- Contracts and agreements of sale or work
- Trial Transcript
- Notarial documents and public deeds
- Wills and family documents
- Expert reports and insurance policies
- Business documents
- School documents
- Delivery Time and Confidentiality Guarantee

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