Why Choose Noble Traders for Your Wallpaper Designing Needs?

Wallpaper dealer in Kolkata
In modern era, the craze of wallpaper designing is at the top. There are a number of dealers in India however here we are talking about Noble Traders, who are working in particular field from the year of 2002 and it is the ultimate wallpaper dealer in Kolkata. Noble Traders are specialist in the top services of Window Covering, Floor Covering, Wall Coverings and many more.
Difference between wallpaper and paint:-

Here we are discussing about the choice of wallpaper or paint. Although wallpaper and wall paint both are best for the designing of walls, according to different situations. Noble Traders, the best wallpaper dealer in Kolkata will describe to you, what will suit on your wall.
There are few major causes of why wallpaper is best than paint.

  1. In present scenario, we are facilitated with variety of wallpapers in rupees 35 per square feet however the cost of paint rupees 350 per square feet at the same time which is very expensive as compared to wallpapers.
    2.     Wallpaper can be maintained easily, it is easy to wash and also it is serviceable.
    3.     The life of various wallpapers is minimum 5 years approximately and it depends on the dryness of your wall. Moreover it does not fade over the time however the life of paint is less than wallpaper also it is fade by time. 
    4.     We don’t have to take care of wallpapers in daily routine, on the other hand the wall paint must be cleaned in daily routine.
    5.     It is very short process of covering wall by wallpaper, on the other side we should have enough time to paint on single wall.
    Moreover, we Noble Traders are the wallpaper dealer in Kolkata, who works according to the demands and feedbacks of our customers. Your valuable comments are very important for us which helps to grow our business.

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