Why Are Elite Escorts In London So Expensive?

Looking at the prices of elite London escorts, you would be forgiven for gasping a little at the prices.

With prices starting from £300 an hour, hiring the company of these escort girls are not cheap.

Compared to the prices of elite escorts in Dubai, Shanghai, Berlin, and Spain, elite escort girls working in London are comparatively more expensive.

What makes elite escorts in London more expensive than other cities? Here are some reasons why:

1. London is a wealthy city

London is a major financial hub in the world, in 2019, London is the highest net exporter of financial services. It is wealthy and home to many affluent individuals. These are the clients who can afford the high prices of elite escort girls and are willing to enjoy these types of services in the liberal atmosphere of London.

2. London housing prices are high

Elite escorts working in London from an incall location will pay expenses for rent, or mortgage if they have purchased a property. Since the price of London property is high, they need to cover their overheads and still make a profit. An elite escort working in Knightsbridge will pay £2000 a month on rent typically, so she may charge £500 per session with clients to help pay the expense.

3. Marketing yourself as an elite escort in London is expensive

The biggest expense for London elite escorts, after housing, is the cost of advertising. There are many directories and advert sites in London for the elite end of the market, and these are costly. An advert for elite escort services on the homepage of a main directory is typically £400 a month, and that is just for one advert. If the escort wants to maintain an elite escorts website, then it will cost her for SEO and hosting. In addition to this, a London photographer specialising in escort photography is expensive. A good one will cost a few thousand pounds. All of these marketing costs are essential to advertise elite services so the girls must charge enough to cover the expenses.

4. The elite escort girls in London are a different caliber

There is a saying in life that you get what you pay for. Escorts can justify high prices if they are very beautiful, skilled, charming and have the personable manners to engage with clients. London attracts some of the best escorts in the world because of its economy and client base. These girls are superior to other cities and can charge more for the quality of their services.

5. There is supply and demand at work

How do escorts charge so much in London and still get work consistently? The answer is supply and demand. If she was charging too little, she would be overwhelmed with work, and charging too much will bring her no clients. The elite pricing strategy is suitable for escorts who want a certain number of clients a week, no more or less. They really have no reason to lower their prices if demand is there.

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