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We will determine some ideal wholesale suppliers for small businesses, these listing wholesale suppliers provide vast types of products to satisfy your demands. Some of them has great service for smaller retail business. Choose the best wholesale suppliers from China to work with.


building up good relationship with chinese wholesale supplier is the key for small business or retailer.


This online wholesale supplier has a long history of doing international wholesale business. Back to 2012, is dealing with oversea whole orders. You can shopping on this website in over 16 categories and with clearance price if you are lucky.



This online wholesale supplier is in the concept of . With the idea of wholesale price depending on the amount of purchasing, this website serve mostly large bulk purchasing customers. Especially with value ad services.



You may get a little confusing when you browsing this wholesale website. It looks they are selling everything including telecom products to house hold products. Well, the real deal of this web site is the logistic service and customs services.



On, products you looking for are electronics or 3-C products, like power bank, Bluetooth headset, or car mobile holder. Best sellers on this website are not the product they list on th homepage. Cellphone cable lines are the best seller.



Yiwu is the biggest wholesale market in the world. There are over 200’000 merchants making inquiries to local wholesale suppliers. Some oversea business persons is now living in Yiwu as resident. I mean why don’t you use online wholesale supplier but to live half way across the world?


06 is online inquiry website that you can make your inquiry for large products or manufacture tools or machines, they are dealing with heavy equipment trading. And to be frankly, this website provide enough information on the detail site, you don’t need to ask for more.



If you are in small retail business, you probably wouldn’t ignore, this is the wholesale website serving oversea buyers of alibaba. The problem is that, you might see the site and product online are in English, however, to communicate with the seller, you will find you need a translator.


08 are known for its knock-off products, well, even though that knock-off merchandises are neither legal nor cheap, they still have a lot of buyers. These days, knock-off stuff are getting less for sure. And you can actually see some real deal on now.


09 is the kingdom built on wholesale business with the development of E-commerce. This website is now a symbol of international E-commerce. Large amount of product could be found on



Newly online wholesale supplier website. They focus on the products directly from China factory, which the idea some buyers are into. The good thing is that, provide duty-free return and none-minimum purchasing amount limitation. Very friendly for small business retailers.


Build up your inquiry listing with this wholesale supplier from China.

And you should know that ,some of these website are not providing products directly from Factory, like Alibaba or DHgat, sellers need to build up selling account to sell their products to the the quality may not be able inspected. However , or will connect real manufacturer in China for you, as they are providing not only product but with the whole package of whole sale services.


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