Under the leadership of Mr Sailesh Raj Bhan since June 2007, this scheme has generated noteworthy performance by maintaining exposure to large-cap equity stocks. After SEBI re-categorization, Reliance Top 200 Fund has changed its portfolio allocation and was renamed as Reliance Large Cap Fund. Now, the fund manager is investing around 81.92% assets in companies which are ranked from 1st to 100th according to the market capitalisation. The current Reliance Large Cap Fund NAV is Rs 33 (as on 6th Feb 2019) for investors who wish to purchase required units in this scheme. Here are the types of investors who can invest in this scheme based on their risk-appetite, time horizon, and expected returns.

Investors with Moderate to High Risk-Appetite

Reliance Large Cap Fund growth invests significantly in large-cap stocks and the remaining in the debt, small-cap, and mid-cap instruments and ensures stable returns for the investors. The beta of this scheme is 1 that the scheme follows the index and shows lower volatility than the benchmark. Coming to the standard deviation, this scheme shows higher volatility than the mean value as compared to the benchmark and category average. So, for the investors with moderate to high risk-appetite, this scheme is perfectly suitable.

Investors Aiming for Stable Returns

Since inception, Reliance Large Cap Fund performance has been good and produced around 10.94% annualised returns. In last 3, 5, 7, and 10-years, it has consistently outperformed the benchmark and category average by producing 15.06%, 18.06%, 15.35%, and 17.49% annualised returns, respectively. In the unfavourable market condition of 2008, this scheme was able to sustain the market losses below the benchmark and category average. However, during 2011, it was not able to manage the losses below the benchmark and category average. Considering the overall performance, Reliance Large Cap Fund g has produced stable returns and sustained the market volatility averagely well.

Investors Having Long Term Capital Gain Aim

Considering the performance record, it is significant that the investors who are looking for the scheme which can produce long-term capital appreciation by maintaining moderate risk in the portfolio can invest in this scheme over a long-term horizon of 5-years and more. The investors can also choose SIP mode of investment and invest at MySIPonline in Reliance Large Cap Fund with Rs 500 per month as well. By investing through SIP mode, it will help the invested amount to utilise the advantage of the market volatility, compounding interest and rupee cost averaging over a time period.

Investors Planning for Large-Cap

As Reliance Large Cap Fund g invests in the stocks of large-cap companies, it is a good option for most of the investors who want to purchase stocks of reliable and well-established companies but couldn’t purchase them due to high pricing. By investing in this scheme, they are required to keep on investing whether through SIP or lump sum mode of investment over a long-term horizon for reasonable returns.

Summing it up, all the investors as mentioned above can utilise investing in Reliance Large Cap Fund and get adequate returns as well. If you want to explore top recommended list, you can get assistance from experts at MySIPonline for the required solution.

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