White Label Drop Shipping

White label products means that when products are produced, there is no company’s logo on them. But the buyers, retilers or suppliers can buy these products form manufacturers and resell them with their companies’ logo or brands. For example, a manufacturer distribute fashion accessories like brooches to different retailers. These retailers can resell them with their brand but there is no changes on the products.


The current market of white label drop shipping

In the modern society, more and more people start to their dropshipping business, but most of them has no factories. According to survey, 80% of small comp anies don’t have their companies. When they tries to sell something to their customer, they will choose white label products printing their brands name or logo and delivery to customers.

Are the white label products used by drop shippers? If most of droshippers use them, what ‘s their advantages.

The advantages of dropshipping white label products

Different kinds of white label products can let you have more time spending on servicing for customers and more customers are be dependent on your

Have more competition for expanding your market, especially oversea market

Enrich your brands, and expand your current offering. It can let you customers has more choices.

Not all droshippers has their factories and most of them has their brands. Therefore, white label product is necessary, because white label products can help them save time on producing products and pay more attention to their sales and the operation of their store.

Gain a large profit for you. Generally, white label products are usually from manufacturers directly and you can buy it from a wholesale price.

Less infringement.risk For dropshipping online, products will has infringement risk. But for white label drop shipping, there is lees infringement risk, because there is no logo on products.

How can find reliable white label products suppliers

Finding suppliers is equal to find a reliable platform. But what conditions does a reliable suppliers have? Below are the conditions for a reliable white label products.

Offer a series of choices of transportation, including limited time delivery and strong oversea warehouse net.

Take responsible for mistakes

Offer 24 hours services, especially 24 hours customer services

Process orders with 24 hours

Pay attention to product quality management

Update delivery information and the inventory information at any time which can let you know the latest information about delivery and inventory.

Where you can find white label drop shipping platforms

For dropshippers, finds white label products is a trouble problems. There are some websites you can refer them, when you find white label drop shippers.


Alibaba is one of the most largest wholesales platform, in Alibaba, you can find many different kinds of white label drop shipping products . But for Alibaba, you need to contact manufacturer or white label products suppliers. And Alibaba platform itself cannot offer drop shipping service. Only the suppliers or manufacturers on Alibaba offer drop shipping service


Chinabrands is a professional drop shipping platform. It has over one millions of products and over 100 top brands. It also offer white label drop shipping products and the drop shipping service, including logistics, customer service, oversea warehouse and ability training.

Drop shipping on Chinabrands, you don’t need to contact suppliers by yourselves. When your customers place orders, Chinabrands will deliver packages to your customers directly. What’s more, Chinabrands has a strong oversea warehouses network and logistics network which can process orders within 24 hours and deliver them with a short time.

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