After the grand success of Visit Nepal year 1998, and Nepal tourism year 2011, the Tourism board of Nepal briefly introduced, “Visit Nepal Campaign 2020”.  Primarily, the campaign was launched in 2015 to be held in 2018 but later was delayed to 2020. Due to a shocking earthquake in 2015 Nepal was badly affected, as a result the number of travelers was decreased as compared with other years.   The year 2017 observed the inflow of the travelers bounce rate back to the pre- earthquake numbers. The year 2017 observed 940, 218 foreigners visited the country. Some people came here for entertainment activities, while some visited this country to support the people of various affected areas of the country with the mission to help the nation economically by visiting the country.


Your Exciting Nepal Tour In 2019-2020-

The Visit Nepal 2020 campaign was organized in 2018 to promote that Nepal was a safe and secure tourist destination to travel and explore its tourism and only 12 of 75 districts and cities were affected by the shocking earthquake. The postponed construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport scheme and crowded upgrading activity of Tribhuwan International Airport in Lumbini and incomplete transportation infrastructure forced the Nepal Tourism board to postpone the visit Nepal campaign to 2020. If you’re dreaming to visit Nepal in 2020, you can make some sweet memories of your life that will be remembered by you until life-time experience. So, your Nepal tour will really be a wonderful experience.

Why Must You Visit Nepal?

Nepal is 5th among the top ten countries to visit in all over the world. This place has got the number one position in the best-valued destination in the world. Why Nepal is so popular, the charming country boasts sky-high Himalayas Range, untouched natural beauty, and never-ending culture and traditions spread in all over the world. 2019-2020 is the golden time to visit Nepal, so everyone can plan for it.  Travels2nepal is the best traveling agency in Nepal, which is arranging Nepal Tour Packages From India in various pricing options.

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