What is error 404?

There are many scenarios where you have configured the range extender however at the end of the mywifiext.net set up wizard you get an error 404 and it states that you are not connected to the extenders wireless network. This kind of error probably occur when the range booster is too far from the main regular wireless router or you may have entered the incorrect password or the IP of the range extender gets conflict. When you get the this error you will see that your extender have only two solid green lights on it, which implies that the range extender that you are trying to hook up through mywifiext.net is partially connected to the main wireless network that you are using.

How to get it sorted?

There are many ways by which you can overcome or get rid of the error that you have tackled while setting up the extender through mywifiext.net. When you face this error, if the range extender is far away from the router, then you have to plug in the extender near to the router, lets say, within the range of three to five feet to the router, reason being , for the initial set up the extender requires to be near to the router so that the range extender can be synced well enough to the router. Once you plug in the extender within the range of the router, you need to reset your extender by pushing in the reset button for 25 to 30 seconds. The lights will keep on flashing until you have one solid green light on the power LED panel of the range extender. Now you need to start the configuration process all over again by getting on to mywifiext.net. Then finally you will see the connection confirmation at the last step of the mywifiext.net set up.

Now another possibility is if you enter the incorrect password for your regular wireless network to which you are connecting the netgear range booster. So in this case you need not have to reset your extender. You would have log in to mywifiext.net again and it will show you the message that the password you have entered is incorrect and it will give you the option to of skip, cancel and continue. In that case you have to select continue and the mywifiext.net will redirect you to the set up wizard, following which you need to select your main wireless network and type in the correct and hence your range extender will get connected and you will have all the solid green lights lid up on the range extender.

Specialist help

Now supposing if you have confirmed both of the above scenarios and yet the you are getting the same error, then you can directly get in touch with specialist through mywifiext support number. You will be assisted by on call support or through chat. Once the issue has been figured out and fixed by the specialist, the error will appear no more and your extender will be up and running.



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