What the next game you guys are working on

What the next game you guys are working on? What is the most common mistake a new developer makes? Do you have any advice for new developers? What program do you use to draw out the game? Do you also draw in real life? What programs do you use to actually develop the game? FUN: Where is the picture of you guys posing with the dagger award you received? What is your favorite soup/sandwich? What is your favorite breakfast food? How often do you play other games and which are your favorites.I had never worked on a shooter and I really wanted to, but we couldnwork on Raze without Addison, so we agreed on a modern shooter akin to  http://www.csgo2buy.com/

We wanted it to feel more Buy CSGO Skins like GI Joe than CoD with a lighter tone, lots of colourful characters and agood guyorganization and abad guyorganization. One thing that really sets SFH apart from Raze is the weapon system which was something we wanted to expand on with tons of guns and customization options. We really wanted to make something that felt very different from Raze so it would feel like a brand new series, rather than an upgraded Raze with a modern theme. Because of that, we took cues from Call of Duty, and Team Fortress 2 to add a leveling system and classes to the game. In Strike Force Heroes 2, we had a huge inspiration with the weapon system in Diablo and Borderlands. We really wanted a huge amount of replayability, and so we made a weapon system that would have familiar weapons that had slight stat randomization and quality types with many unique properties

Will there be a CSGO Keys Strike Force Heroes 3? Justin: We donusually force ourselves into sequels. Instead, we think of ideas over time while working on other projects, and create a game/sequel when we have enough fun/creative content. This helps us create more defined games as we have a much larger time to think of and discuss new and creative ideas. Because of this, we canput a definate yes or no on Strike Force Heroes 3 as we donwant to force anything less than awesome. However wecontinue to think of new features and story elements as we work on other projects, and if we come up with enough suitable for SFH3 then it may be a future possibility

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