HOCATT™ Additionally Professional SAUNA

Hyperthermic O-zone & Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy

The pure Health development heart is pleased to announce the addition of the potent new device designed with just about every affected individual in mind. By those who are looking to keep and boost their energy, to those who are currently combating a serious illness--the HOCATT™ furthermore Pro Ozone Sauna provides a mix of benefits.

Reported Advantages:

Inactivates Viruses, Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi

Stimulates Immune Protection System


Speeds Curing

Bettering Growing and Veins, cleans Arteries

Removes Free Radicals, oxidizes Toxins

How Can the HOCATT™ Work?

Normalizes Allergic and Hormone Production

Reduce Syndrome

Reduces Pain

Increases Brain Functionality

Aids in Weight Reduction

HOCATT™ Guru plus O Zone Sauna

O-zone could be the essential player inside the power of the sauna. We have experienced a number of successes by means of ozone to take care of pain, inflammation and disease through our additional ozone therapies that were offered, however, also the HOCATT ™ differs in that it has the ability to expose the human human body into the healing effects of saltwater.

Ozone is a fuel, if you are not already familiar and every single molecule is made up of three molecules of oxygen which are jumped. As a result of ozone charge, it has an effect on natural and organic and natural compounds. It is attracted toward charged overseas cells such as yeast, bacteria, parasites and viruses and preventing them murdering active infections.

O Zone Quick Truth

Ozone accelerates the production of energy, called ATP, at the cell's mitochondria

O Zone raises system efficiency

Ozone kills yeast/fungi, bacteria viruses and parasites because enzymes can not be produced by these germs, which allows destruction

Ozone breaks Petro-chemicals, removes toxins and Completely Free radicals

O Zone raises hocatt therapy Oxygen Utilization in tissues

Ozone raises antibody generation and immunity

Ozone stimulates secretion of Interleukin-2, an Defense Mechanisms basis, secreted by cells

As cancer cells don't produce enzymes Required for protection against 15, O Zone prevents cancer

Ozone stimulates the Creation of Tumor Necrosis Factor

Ozone significantly raises interferon, which helps orchestrate Each Facet of the system that is immune

Ozone stimulates the production of white blood cells

Ozone oxidizes and breaks down plaque

O-zone increases flexibility/elasticity of red blood cells

O-zone is just one of the numerous facets of this sauna. The HOCATT™ additionally offers these curative methods:


Carbonic acid therapy


Exercise with oxygen therapy

Far infrared lighting therapy



Photon mild treatment

Ultraviolet irradiation

HOCATT™ Sauna Swift Facts

Each semester will be 25 30 seconds .

For first 3-8 minutes of your own session, carbonic acid (CA) and steam moisten the skin and enter by means of pores into the lymph machine. CA is among those very few compounds which increases the uptake and delivery of oxygen in the cellular level.

Capillaries and blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow up.

The o zone cycle commences after the CA cycle finishes. When saltwater responds with the water from the steam, it generates H202 which aids in destroying yeast/fungal and bacterial bacterial diseases.

By the session's close, each of oxygen and ozone vapor is pulled in to the saltwater destructor and the session ends!

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