SD -WAN is in full swing, and suddenly there are countless SD-WAN companies. The blue ocean of SD-WAN seems to turn red overnight.

What is true SD-WAN technology - Snow News
  In 2012, VMWare acquired SDN start-up Nicira for $1.26 billion , while Juniper acquired the Contrail System, a two-day startup company, followed by Cisco's acquisition of Tail-f and Insieme...

  When the global online market was confusing and shocked, several obscure startups were racking their brains to apply the SDN technology system to the broader ... WAN field. They are so rare that there are only a handful: Aryaka, Algoblu, Pertino, Viptela, Versa, Velocloud...

  By 2015, we will use the SDN data center as the main application, we call it the traditional SDN business, and gradually decline. Some traditional Internet companies are gradually starting to experiment with SD-WAN products and services.

  Before we analyze why SD-WAN is hot, let's see why SDN startups suddenly disappear:

  Traditional SDN is a regional network-wide technology. Its appearance comes from the campus network. It was first applied to the data center field, mainly for cloud service services.

  But after VMWare provides the in-cloud SDN system (which is mainly from Nicira), most of the customers' private cloud solutions in the market come from VMWare's one-stop system; for public cloud service providers, their own capabilities are enough to develop their own clouds. A highly customized SDN system required within. (Very interestingly, the value of SDN is to make the closed network platform open to development, the purpose is to reduce the difficulty of IDC development within the IDC and the network system in the cloud.) This is a strange paradox, the startup is because SDN is less difficult to develop and has the opportunity to compete with Internet giants like Cisco, but at the same time it loses barriers and customers because of this.

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