Power Transformer is an essential passive electrical device that is designed for the transmission of power from one AC-system to another. Generally, electrical Power transformers are used in the transmission network of higher voltages particularly for the step-up and step-down applications. And in the range of 400kV, 200kV, 110k/v, 66kV, 33kV and generally rated above 200 MVA. We do have various power/current transformer suppliers in Hyderabad who are engaged in manufacturing various types of electrical transformers, and other electrical equipment. And the top one in the electrical transformer manufacturing industry in Hyderabad is Vajra Transpower Pvt Ltd. Vajra is one of the well-established and esteemed power/current transformer suppliers in Hyderabad where you get a huge variety of transformers and voltage stabilizers as well. Let us discuss some important points regarding the power transformers from the popular step-down and step up power transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad.    


The power transformers are used in the transmission of heavy loads, especially higher voltages that are greater than 33 KV and 100% efficiency. When compared to distribution transformers the power transformer is big in size and it is mostly used in the generating and transmission station. And vajra is specialized 33KV Power transformer manufacturers and that ensure high insulation levels.

The power transformer units from the 33KV Power transformer manufacturers can be installed at various power stations for generation/production and also the transmission of power. The power transformer acts as step-up and step-down transformers for decreasing and decreasing the voltage levels as per the requirements, and it is also used to connect two power stations.

Vajra Transpower the leading step-up power transformer manufacturer offers you the top-grade and reliable and the best performing power, distribution and isolation transformers. And we are well-known as the best electrical step down transformer suppliers in Hyderabad, who offers the transformers that always operate on rated full load at cost-effective prices. Our power transformers are designed with maximum efficiency of 100%, and the ratio can be calculated with the help of the ratio of output power to the input power. The power transformers are used in the power generating stations and transmission substations.

Power Transformers from the current transformer suppliers in Hyderabad are used in the distribution network that is directly connected to the consumer end where the load fluctuations are very high. And these are not loaded fully at all time hence the iron losses take place and as well as copper losses based on load cycle. The ideal step down transformer suppliers in Hyderabad is Vajra Transpower that provides efficient power transformers that are used in the transmission like step up devices and to minimize the iron losses as per the given power flow.  All the transformers from the step-up power transformer manufacturers that is Vajra Transpower are generally operated at the full load. Let us see some of the advantages of power transformers from the step-down transformer suppliers in Hyderabad.

Power transformers improve energy efficiency.

Used in load amplification and for huge supply and transmission losses.

Facilitates with the required voltage and current by a transformer.

Power can be transferred to long distances with less cost and also reduces cable cost.

Get the advanced power transformers from the top-notch power/current transformer suppliers in Hyderabad that are used to step up and step down the voltages for transmission. Vajra offers transformers that can supply the optimized voltage to fulfill the energy requirements of various sectors.

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