What is the role of the Pool Cleaner?

If you own your own pool, cleaning the pool plays a vital role. Thank you Hayward eVac PoolCleaner, it will make your work much easier. Its use is effective because it creates effortlessly to keep surfaces, floors and walls clean. Through regular and effective use of Vacuum Pool and Co., the clean water in your swimming pool is soon a matter of course.

Use your strengths for your health and pleasure. We will help you with choosing with important information.

Explanation of a pool cleaner:

The offer in trade with regard to vacuum pool is rich and varied. Supports cleaning ponds or pools. Learn how to use the right model to suit your pool.

There is a Hayward Aqua Vac Pool Cleaner which is simply a water hose and did not need electricity. Models that use an existing filter system for suction power are also excluded without power. The choice of connection to the skimmer or filter. Electric power, on the other hand, is required for models with their own pump which, depending on the model, are supplied from a battery or power source.

All systems must have sufficient suction power to effectively absorb even heavier contaminants, such as sand, small stones or small branches and leaves. Practical vacuum pool with your own collection bag.

As a result, foreign substances do not overload this filter system, bristles on the underside allow to scrub the pelvic walls and floor when, for example, stubborn algae have developed. Be careful, however, when the thin and delicate film has been installed in the pool so that it is not damaged.

The rollers or wheels are often installed so that the suction cup can maintain the correct distance without being gripped. For some pool suckers On set, important accessories such as hose, extension bar for the handle or landing gear.

The performance of the filter Raypak Pool Heater should be observed for devices using the existing filter system for suction force. Units with their own pumps save a connection to the filtering system and therefore are faster to use, thus also eliminating quickly. The power connection required or that the batteries only have a limited time to use the sucker pool before recharging the battery.

Similar to the principle of a pool robot, work the automatic vacuum pool, The latest developments in computer control allow such devices as well as lawn Hayward AquaVac Robotic Cleaner. With their own software, these devices do their work almost as if by themselves.

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