In recent years, the history of the development of e-commerce more and more quickly, more and more mountain products began to move to the Internet transactions. As a result, gold trading is now moving to the network, online consumers are more and more money, but still have a lot of people on this network to buy gold skeptical, they think in the network to buy Kim is very unreliable, it is easy to be deceived. In the Luo Luo shopping gradually become a trend today, directly on the Internet to buy gold reliable?
First of all, we say that Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings most people choose what is the reason for buying money online, it is simple, easy to buy online, fast, but also has a relatively high price! In the online purchase of gold such expensive goods, the most important thing is to choose a good business. The choice of business is the most important point, only good business, will have a smaller risk. In general, if it is a formal business in doing e-commerce, usually in the following table on the company’s information, but also there will be network police certification. In this way, the query and identify it is very convenient.
In addition, whether it is directly in the mall to buy gold or buy money in the network, some of the basic knowledge of gold is always to understand the point, otherwise the gold is true and false is completely unclear, not their own feelings, what people say is what, Not as good as not buy, are very easy to be deceived. And Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace remember, is the so-called “gold without red”, the real sense of pure gold is completely does not exist, if someone said what pure gold, what the real pure gold, it should be considered clear.
All the gold consumers have to remember one thing, all the gold jewelry are required to exist a mark, a mark on behalf of their identity! You can in the jewelry, or a small label to see such a mark: G990, gold and other markings. With this mark will be the real gold jewelry, otherwise the words can basically be judged to be false.
In addition, the network to buy gold consumers also note that no matter which in the purchase of gold jewelry, need to discuss the relevant invoices, but the only way to prove that this gold jewelry origin, and asked the basis of Hong Kong’s after-sales service.
Now, the purchase of gold, gold bars, etc. to carry Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Bracelet out investment or hedging behavior has gradually formed a trend. However, has been constantly exposed the phenomenon of gold adulteration, or make a lot of investors, I do not know how to be able to distinguish the true and false gold. At the same time, also let a lot of consumers doubts, how should we be able to prevent their own to buy gold jewelry or gold bullion is not adulterated gold.
Simple to distinguish the true and false gold, really a little trick, like to see the color of friends, listen to the sound friends, weigh the weight of friends, draw the hardness of what are simple to identify the most important means of true and false gold. In addition, there is a most basic way is to see the mark, as long as it is formal, the real gold video above some signs will always be, these marks like a gold ID card, indicating their identity. Such as “24K” marked “foot red” or “full gold”, 18K gold marked “18K” words.
However, this Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring simple method has a fatal flaw, that is, can only check out some low level of fraud, if you really encounter some high level of fraud, this simple method of identification is no longer practical. Therefore, if after these simple identification, the consumer is still not at ease, want to ask a satisfactory, you can with some specialized identification agencies to do the test. Like “thousands of gold” mixed with excessive iridium or tungsten, the general means of identification completely feel out, but based on some professional precious metal detector can be found, but also the gold jewelry can contain a variety of elements The proportion of the full view out. In addition, there is this kind of destructive testing methods, gold jewelry will cause about tens of milligrams of wear and tear, but this method measured the data more accurate. The detection of these testing organizations need consumers to bear a certain cost.
A fine jewelry, not only can make the wearer more charm, more importantly, can also make the wearer feel physically and mentally happy. In this, the fine gold inlaid jade jewelry five is undoubtedly the most special of the. Jin Xiangyu, as a Chinese culture will focus on the performance of the jewelry style, is also particularly welcomed by consumers, loved by the national customs of people. With the market will have to think about how to maintain, then, Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet Replica how should Jin Yu Yu maintenance? What is the difference between him and the maintenance of gold?
First, gold and jade, like gold, can not be hit by external forces. Gold is because of its hardness is relatively small, easier to deformation. The hardness of jade, although a lot, but in the impact by the external force, will be prone to cracks, and even serious points will be directly broken! It is sometimes the collision of some dark cracks will not see, but its inner structure is certainly destroyed, this will directly affect the gold inlaid jade itself, the beauty and value.
The next point is with the impact of their own. Wenrun Ruyu is the shape of jade with the characteristics of the word to tell it most vividly. And in order to be able to keep the characteristics of jade itself warm, prolonged exposure to let the sun is not appropriate. Jade in the case of prolonged heat will appear when the phenomenon of expansion, molecular volume increases, making jade rare water is lost, is to its moist characteristics, its jade and color will have an impact.
Jin Xiangyu usually have a lot of folds, these folds are very difficult to clean, so to avoid the gold inlay met the liquid easy to attach the material, one side is difficult to remove after the impact of the impact of gold jade itself Glory. The most common of these substances is the variety of grunge. So we need to pay attention to avoid the Jin Xiangyu exposed to oil, especially in the kitchen such heavy oil to be separated from the gold inlaid jade before they can be close.
Jin Xiangyu some other matters just like gold is not much difference, after all, there are gold inlay jade it!

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