What is the Main Cause of Erectile Dysfunction?

You want to spend some quality time with your partner in bed, don't you? But that's not been happening lately, right?
Well, you know what? This could be a case of some underlying health condition known as Erectile Dysfunction (ED). ED is a disorder which affects your erections. In simple words, it is an inability to achieve or maintain an erection. And this problem majorly affects men who are older than 40. But that doesn't mean that it cannot happen in younger men.
Well, yes! The prevalence of this problem increases with age but it can happen in younger men too. There have been erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) which have hit the market in the last two decades as a treatment for ED. But what actually causes ED? Let's have a look at it below.
Physical Causes of the Problem
ED is usually caused as a result of the improper blood flow to the penis. And so, it is necessary to consult your doctor to know the root cause of the problem.
Here's a list of some physical causes which can have a negative effect on your erections:
Heart Disease: Leads to narrowing of blood vessels.
Diabetes: It has been seen that people suffering from diabetes were on a higher risk of getting ED. Smoking and Alcohol.
Smoking and drinking alcohol causes constriction in the muscles of the penis and doesn't let the blood to flow properly. High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol.
High blood pressure causes the smooth muscles of the penis to lose their ability to relax. As a result, the blood isn't able to flow properly which affects the erection. Several Medications: Some prescription medicines used to treat an underlying health condition can also cause ED.
These include antidepressants, anxiety, and cancer drugs, and in some rare cases, pills like Generic Viagra 200mg for men can also cause ED as a result of their side effects.
Physical causes have been known to be one of the major reasons  of ED, accounting to a whopping 90% of the cases. While psychological causes account to a much less number, they're also known to cause the problem.
Psychological Causes
Our brain is responsible for all the cognitive and motor actions of the body and if the brain is affected in some or the other way, your body may not be able to work properly. Stress, depression, and anxiety contribute to the problem of Erectile Dysfunction in a way that a person isn't emotionally contented.
Try to bridge the communication gap in your relationship (if any). It has been seen that relationship issues play a key role in contributing to ED as well. '
You should try to talk about your problems and find a solution to the problem with your partner. Let's have a look at some of these solutions which can help you get rid of the underlying symptoms of impotence.
Solutions for Impotence
With time, there have been several advancements in the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies have been able to get a good hold over the problem.
By using PDE 5 inhibitors, the blood flow to the penis can be increased. These pills are usually taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before any sexual activity. Medications such as Cialis 20mg, which in generic form are sold as Tadalafil 20mg (as it is the chief ingredient of the medicine) can help you to cure this problem if a proper dose is followed. These are prescription-only drugs and so, they shouldn't be taken without the advice of a doctor.
It becomes your duty to ensure that you take care of your health seriously and buy these medications from genuine and trusted places only.
Medical insurances do not cover the cost of these medications and that's where online sites come into play. But due to the increasing market of online pharmacies, it has become difficult to figure out which sites are legit and which aren't. Therefore, you should read all the terms and conditions listed on the website before purchasing any ED drugs and go through all the necessary policies.
The Bottom Line
Erectile Dysfunction is a big nightmare in the lives of men which has disturbed their personal lives in an adverse manner. There are various physical causes such as Diabetes, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, etc. and psychological causes such as stress and anxiety which can cause this problem. It becomes the duty of the individual to consult a doctor before resorting to any of the treatments required for the same on his own.
Choosing a genuine and trusted pharmacy before buying any of the products online becomes necessary. Therefore, we recommend that you buy medicines like generic Viagra f 150 mg rom one of the best online pharmacies i.e. Meds Store. It sells generic ED drugs at economical prices which won't even burn a hole in your pocket.
Lifestyle plays an important in curing the symptoms of the problem and so, you should follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Get your checkup done regularly and follow the medicines as prescribed by your doctor.
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