What is the cost to travel in China?

From the haunting beauty of Mount Huangshan—known as the loveliest mountains in China, the CNN notes—to the world-famous Great Wall in Beijing, there are plenty of sights to see in this Asian giant. With plenty of delightful China tour packages, you won’t have a problem checking out the sights you want, whether that’s a bit of ancient or modern-day China.

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Wondering how much a trip will set you back? No worries. We have that covered for you.

Check online

Sites like Budget Your Trip are handy so you can easily get a gauge on how much money you’ll need to set aside if you’re planning a trip to China. The site says the average daily cost of $75 per person per day, with a one-week budget of $524 for a week. If you plan to travel stay longer, say for about 2 weeks, then you’ll need to shell out $1,048. That’s pretty cheap.

Use an online currency converter

Once you know how much you’ll need, it would be prudent to use currency converters when you go on your trip. Currency converters online are more or less accurate. They’re easy to use so you won’t have to remember a series of numbers. You could also get your mind around the conversation rate, though, since many currency converters require Wi-Fi to work.

Budget and manage your finances

Once you know of a good currency converter, you can start converting everything from USD to yuan. That should help you keep things in perspective. It’s also going to help you manage your budget for the trip. The last thing you want is to find out you have no money for the airport cab simply because you ran out. Be careful about your spending so you won’t end up with money problems while you explore the best of China’s local sights and attractions.

Go on a tour

With affordable rates, it’s an excellent idea to scout around for China tour packages. Tours are great because they help you cover a lot of ground. You can check out all the sights you want compressed in a couple of days. That would have been impossible to do on your own. By going on a tour, you won’t have to worry about preparing an itinerary. You won’t have to waste time researching about where to go, eat or shop. Your tour guides can take of all that for you. Worried that you may need to swing by sights you don’t want anyway? Look for tour companies that provide custom-made tours. That way, you and your friends and family will be fully in control of the experience.

How to choose?

You’ll want to check out the company’s background and credentials. Is it a legit company? What do the reviews say? Is there a consensus that points to the company’s excellent services and tour products? Then you’ll want to check those out before you pick a tour company to plan, book and handle every aspect of your trip.

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