What is SD-WAN or Software Defined WAN? - SD-WAN Definitio

The SD-WAN must also recognize the transmitted communication format. The FortiGate 61E has a new generation of firewall functions, which can recognize about 3,000 common enterprise applications, and can also recognize multiple cloud application SaaS communication formats, which can be provided in SD-WAN. Good transparency. In addition, the SD-WAN must use VPN, and must also view SSL-encrypted communication. The FortiGate 61E uses a dedicated chip for decryption and VPN. Among the 1092 Mbps traffic, it has 749 Mbps of actual traffic, so the cost is also the lowest.

Fortinet has always provided a hosted enterprise security service with CITIC Telecom International, providing managed security services with Fortinet equipment, and then launched the "TrueCONNECT Hybrid" SD-WAN solution with Fortinet's SD-WAN to provide integrated product generation and customer configuration. Manage SD-WAN. Since 2016, CITIC Telecom International CPC has been a Fortinet Information Security Management Service Partner (MSSP).

TrueCONNECT Hybrid's SD-WAN solution helps organizations implement SD-WAN, providing consistent enforcement through "single pane" management to protect all branch offices. The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall (NGFWs) with embedded SD-WAN capabilities, combined with CITIC Telecom's network and information security management services, can reduce the total cost of ownership of the branch office network.

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