What is dry ice cleaning technology?

Perhaps everyone has heard of the technology of dry ice cleaning in daily life. Dry ice cleaning is a new type of cleaning technology with many advantages such as high efficiency, safety, low damage, and environmental protection. With the country's industrialization process and the needs of social production and life, the dry ice cleaning industry has become more and more widely used, and is no longer a strange technology.

The raw material of dry ice is carbon dioxide. Because carbon dioxide is in the air, it is very convenient to use and the price is very cheap. Dry ice will evaporate directly during the cleaning process, and there is no cleaning cost. Prior to this, many companies used high-pressure water for cleaning, but the emergence of dry ice cleaning made high-pressure water cleaning out of the stage. Because dry ice does not damage wires, control elements or switches compared to high-pressure water cleaning. After cleaning, there is no possibility of equipment rusting.

Dry ice cleaning reduces the cleaning cost and improves the production efficiency for enterprises. The most important thing is that it can also extend the service life of the machine. Now it has been used by many companies. In the food industry, dry ice cleaning can greatly prevent the growth of bacteria compared to water cleaning. Now many companies have replaced toxic chemical cleaning with dry ice cleaning to avoid chemical damage fundamentally. With the development of dry ice cleaning technology, dry ice cleaning has been used by many companies.

Although dry ice cleaning has many benefits, there are still some areas that need attention. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air. When cleaning dry ice in an enclosed space or sinking area, you must ensure ventilation and safety, otherwise, it is prone to danger.

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