What detergent converses you to each garment?

When putting the washing machine in place, we must not only take into account the most appropriate program, or the ideal temperature, before starting the washing cycle. We must also choose the detergent that suits our clothes and use the appropriate amount of it to really get the best results.

What types of detergents are there?

Although in many homes we use the same detergent for all types of fabrics, the truth is that there are several formulas specially designed for each of them, managing to improve and maintain the fibers and colors of each garment. Here are some of them:

- White clothes: Although bleach is still used in many houses to achieve this effect, there are detergents on the market that incorporate oxygenated bleaches to return the initial white to our garments.

- Black clothes: Black is a color that can easily lose intensity with washing, so there are formulas on the market designed to protect the tone of dark garments and even recover their initial color.

- Delicate clothes: In this category, we include fabrics such as wool or silk. These detergents, softer and creamy texture, act as a balm on these types of garments that require specific care.

-Sportswear: Specially designed for synthetic fibers, maintaining the elasticity and waterproofing films of the fabric. It is also prepared to end difficult stains (such as mud or grass) even at low temperatures.

How much should I use?

One of the most common mistakes, as said by Commercial laundry, is precisely to abuse the detergent, mistakenly believing that a greater quantity is synonymous with a cleaner wash.

Therefore, you should always follow the manufacturer's recommendation, which specifies the ideal quantity of that product for a machine wash cycle.

Of course, there is also an easier possibility not only to succeed but also to save on detergent. The most advanced washing machines incorporate an automatic detergent dosing function that saves 30% of this product per year. And how does it do it? The washing machine itself automatically distributes the built-in detergent during the next 20 washes and adjusts it to the needs of the laundry: type of fabric, degree of dirt and load.

If you have no idea which detergent to use, you can use Commercial laundry service.

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