What Are The Types Of E-Visa India ?

If you want to visit any country, one of the major document which you required is Visa. Indian Government has Introduced e-Visa after 2001. Today in this topic we are going to discuss the types of E- Visa India.

There are mainly 3 kinds of Indian E-Visa for the Ordinary passport Only.

  1. Indian E-Tourist Visa: Indian E-Tourist Visa is the Visa which you can apply for Spending holidays, traveling, Visiting friends or Relatives. Government has now extended the days of validity. Now if you apply it once then it will be validated for one year and applicable for 90 days stay at a time.
  2. Indian E-Business Visa: Indian E-Business Visa is the Visa which you can apply for meeting in India, Submitting any Consignment in India or Doing Business in India. Indian Government enhanced the validity of E-Business Visa also. Now your E-Business Visa will be validated for 1 year in which you will get 90 days to stay.
  3. Indian E-Medical Visa:  Indian E-Medical Visa is the Visa which you can apply for medical treatment in any specific hospital in India for Specific Doctors. Government has not changed the amendment of Indian E-Medical Visa.

    Now Apply for Indian E-Tourist Visa Now:https://www.e-visaindiaonline.com/e-tourist-visa-india-online.html

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