What are the conditions for making cellophane paper

Good quality cellophane paper has the functions of high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, etc. It is generally used in the packaging of food, medicine and other industries. It is common for Glasin release paper to be a paper to prevent prepreg from sticking. Protecting prepreg from contaminated release paper, and cellophane paper produces a wide variety of release papers, usually divided into plastic release paper and non-plastic release paper, all of which pass strict production conditions. Made of. Specifically, the following conditions must be met when making a glass transfer paper.

1, it is necessary to be able to stick to the prepreg, but it is easy to separate the two; and does not chemically react with the resin system in order to keep the resin system pure. In this way, the cellophane release paper can have a good peeling force and can be easily torn off when used. This requires the manufacturer to carry out rigorous testing and check.

2. After the traction paper is pulled, its elongation can be consistent with the fiber, so as to prevent deformation or distortion of the prepreg during the preparation process due to the unsynchronized drafting. The unit area, thickness and quality of cellophane paper are not so easy to control precisely.

3, the domestic professional cellophane paper should have sufficient compactness, so as to prevent moisture from entering the prepreg through it; the release paper made by cellophane must contain silicone oil, mainly used for isolation. A sticky object. The choice of silicone oil is very important, so that the release paper made by cellophane Paper can be made moisture-proof and temperature-resistant, and will not wrinkle and deform due to changes in ambient temperature.

In short, the production of cellophane paper needs to meet the above three conditions, and also has certain requirements for cleanliness, it is best to be environmentally and environmentally demanding, because it will have an impact on the cleanliness of the product. The higher the cleanliness of the color paper, the higher the quality of the paper. The better the cleanliness of the environment, the greater the advantage of the color paper supplier, so more investment should be made in this regard.

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