What Are FIFA 19 Flashback Players In Ultimate Team

In addition to FIFA 19 Black Friday and cheap fifa 19 coins Prime Icon Player Pick SBC , EA Sports released another new exciting promotion in Ultimate Team. Two FUT 19 Flashback Players are now joining Icons, ones to watch and other special cards to help complete your FIFA 19 squad and take on the FIFA Weekend League and FUT Champions.

Now in this FIFA 19 Flashback SBC guide, I'll detail you everything you need to know about Flashback SBC.

There were two Flashback Players released in FIFA 19. The first Flashback Player released was Atletico Madrid full-back Juanfran, who received a special upgraded version celebrating his 2013-14 season. Another is Mario Gotze, who had won World Cup 2014. These two initial Flashback Players got massive boosts to their ratings, making them extremely desirable for FIFA 19 players, especially ones with FIFA 19 La Liga or FUT Bundesliga squads.

The speed of 81 pace does not look good, but 86 acceleration gives him enough explosive power to make breakthroughs. 84 shooting is basically shot in the penalty area, it seems Gotze is not a long shot player. His 87 passing and 89 dribbling are excellent. He's a little small, but 71 strength is not unacceptable.
He’s also got great stats. He's got 86 finishing, 98 volleys, 91 short passing, 85 long passing, all his dribbling stats are above 85. And the SBC doesn't look too hard either (the rewards are actually decent). Only downside is his sprint speed is 76. With the backfoot and 4 star skill moves, Gotze still amazing in the position of CF or CAM, and whether the goal is shot or broken, it is the top level in the world. This flash card is also very good to highlight these advantages.

Juanfran's overall rating jumped from 80 to 87, with his pace a much more appealing 87 score. 5 foot 11 medium high, 4 weak foot, 3 star 4 star skill moves. And he has really nice stats. He’s got great dribbling defensive stats for a fullback. Very good physicals at 83, 87 pace, 83 passing, great crossing. I don't know how expensive he is because that you need an 84 and 85 rated squads and you need FIFA 19 La Liga Squad to complete this one. Read More

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