Wgat EA should improve for FIFA 16

Shoot button.

Y button.

Fouls and referee decisions (clipping striker's heels or hacking him down while he shoots, obstruction, shoulder barging, pushing, what is or isn't a penalty, more consistency...shirt pulling seems less of a problem, which to buy fifa 16 coins, this year tbf).

Keepers saving 99% of my shots at goal no matter how well executed or well-placed. Not realistic or fun.

Stop favouring inferior players by having my goalkeeper let in shots that are worse than what is being routinely saved at the other end (this is a point about goalkeepers, nothing else).

If a player customises their team so their CBs/defensive line of four stay back and are always in perfect position, rarely defeated by through balls or passing moves, then they should be less effective going forward and building attacks which is not the case currently (a bit like the stamina issue).

Nerf the jockey button so it can only be used for tussles and not as a magic button to barge through players, survive good tackles and regain the ball magnetically after being tackled (amazing how many so-called long-term players of FIFA say they don't see this, I play against people who are obviously exploiting the jockey OP issue online regularly).

FUT 13 chemistry, bring it back.

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