Welcome to the Planetary Dog Moon of Manifestation, the tenth moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell.

Now is the time to manifest the seed of what was initiated in the first moon of this Galactic Seed year.  It is a time of deprogramming from old paradigms, old ways of thinking. Detach from the known. Empty your cup. To manifest the new we must die to the old. This moon coincides with the Planetary Worldbridger in the yearly wavespell calling us to die to the old in order to bridge heaven and Earth.

Hopi prophecies speak of the two-hearted path. This occurs when the head and heart are not connected which creates a world out of balance or out of order. 

The Hopi prophecy was revealed after the Second World War and the atomic bomb, which the prophecy refers to as the "second shaking".

The prophecies say there will be a third shaking. Right now we are in the process of feeling the outer reverberations of the third great shaking. When the third shaking happens then the path of the two-hearted ones will come to an end. Then we go through the sipapu into the next world or the world of the center. This planetary rite of passage is to bring humanity through the next sipapu and through the changing of the worlds, through the changing of the time.

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