Welcome to Dubai, the City of Contrasts

Dubai is the positioning where ancient and modern civilizations meet. Dubai is where you may be gazing at the Architectural craftsmanship that result in the tall modern buildings and 5 minutes later you may be wondering through the small old side streets at the Dubai gold souk. Dubai is the important MICE destination with modern meeting facilities and deluxe city business hotels where large multinationals and business travelers meet from all over the world for fancy exhibitions and lengthy negotiations.


However Dubai can be a vacation destination for families with children who like a week at the Jebel Ali or Sheraton Dubai Beach Resort.

Dubai is indeed a great travel destination for both tourist as well as the company traveler. Bayshore Creek Harbor has so much to supply in means of activities, hotels and infrastructure to mention but a few. Kids love Dubai as there are so many great activities held for them each day at either one of the hotels or at one of the tourist's attractions such as for example wild water park. To not worry for mom and dad as they'll have ample opportunity to take pleasure from themselves at one of the many attractions or events held daily. The numerous Dubai tour companies organize a great number of activities which may include jeep safari's , snowboarding down the sand dunes or really hitting the ski slopes in the recently opened Dubai indoor ski lodge.

Dubai has reached the Valhalla status of tourism destinations. It is likely to be hard to find any destination all over the world which includes had such strong growth in tourism income and arrivals and Dubai has even become one of the globally trendsetters when it comes traveling and tourism. However Dubai knows as no other how fast a destination can reach the utmost effective and how quickly a destination can be unpopular among travelers and meeting planners.

Dubai is continuing to heavily invest to the Dubai tourism industry with lots of spending on infrastructure, new Dubai resorts and a whole number of spectacular attractions which can be being built or are under plans. The soon to be opened underwater hotel is just a sample of what the planners in Dubai are up to.

The continuous investments by the authorities and finance community should normally guarantee its position at the time of the key travel destinations all over the world however there's another side to the success of Dubai.

More and more visitors our expressing their disgust with the big price increases that the hotels in Dubai seem to implement each season. Dubai was never a destination for budget travelers however some of the hotels are beginning to charge astronomical rates for their room. The Dubai hotel owners should not become greedy and arrogant and out price themselves. Many destinations in the past have experienced this happen which finally resulted in the popularity of these destinations dropping rather fast.

Nearby countries such as for example Oman and Qatar are seeing their popularity among international tourists rapidly increasing and more and more hotels and other facilities are being constructed although both countries curently have a large number of top class hotels. One other Emirates, with which Dubai forms the United Arab Emirates, are seeing their tourism industries growing at warp speed. Abu Dhabi has a large number of top notch hotels and resorts and more are being contracted. Probably the most expensive hotel on earth ever build is in fact the Emirates Palace which is owned by the Abu Dhabi government and is managed by Kempinski. There are many and more great alternatives to Dubai in the region and often at much lower prices and so the policy makers should greatly consider this.

Dubai has focused almost all their energy and funds to the tourism industry. The result is magnificent. However as the oil supply is rumored to dry out soon, it'll mean that Dubai has put nearly all their eggs into one basket. Dubai is likely to be very influenced by the hospitality and tourism business which could result in undesirable situations.

Dubai is unfortunately not located in an exceedingly stable the main world. Because of the constant conditions that nearby countries have with one and other such as for example Israel, Iraq, Iran and Syria, it is difficult to predict the future. Unfortunately an event in a nearby country can completely paralyze the tourism business which will be disastrous for Dubai and its work force.

An example of a destination which suffered deeply as it had only the tourism industry to depend on is Bali. I worked there prior to the big financial crisis hit South East Asia during the last months of 1997. The Island of the gods had extremely high occupancies and high average room rates. Many new hotels were being constructed as Bali was a silver mine at that time. It absolutely was the playground of the international Jet set. Considering that the crisis hit in 1997 Bali has never had the opportunity to attract meeting planners and the large number of tourists that these were once used to. Many locals lost their source of income and a lot of investors lost their lifesaving. So many hotels have already been set up for sale ever since then without there being many serious buyers.

Off course Dubai is found in a different region of the entire world however several ingredients of what caused Bali to disappear as a huge tourism player also potentially excist in Dubai. The religious fanatics that hit Bali could shift their sights to other places and Dubai with al its western tourists do stand out a bit. Everything takes one attach and the tourism industry will receive a blow which it may not recover from.

Additionally having spoken to many Dubai travelers as well as people living and employed in Dubai, I have compiled a listing of items which will be perfect for improvement and would surely please many visitors.

Stop the pricing discrimination which charges Arabs and former Soviet Union nations more then western Europeans and Asians. This policy has upset a great number of travelers and this doesn't happen in Qatar or Oman for example.
Because of so many hotels having opened and being opened in the long run, there's the risk that the quality of the hotel staff could drop. Clients are beginning to complain more concerning the service they receive at the Dubai hotels. The guests often feel that the hotels and their management are somewhat arrogant and not flexible when it comes to solving any difficulty that clients might have.

Dubai has one of the strictest cancelation policies of any destination round the world. It's not unusual that hotels are charging 100% cancelation fee even when the client cancelled a week or more before. The hotels should understand that this will finally become a good reason for travelers never to go. A week at a beach resort can easily cost 3000-5000 USD and if they have to cancel as a result of family emergency then that will an absurd cancelation fee for the hotel to keep.

Many hotels in Dubai still have not very generous children's policies as parents frequently have to pay kid supplement on the top of room charge. The vast majority of destinations that I worked at have the rule that 2 kids under 12 could share the space with the parents so long as no extra bedding was required. A sizable number of Dubai hotels only require one child in which to stay the space and therefore a household with 2 young ones is told to obtain 2 rooms. This is another sore point for families and which are turning them away as they need to stay with their young kids in a single room.

Dropping visa requirement for several nationalities. The countries that entered the EU some years ago like Malta and the Czech Republic still demand a visa while one other member countries of the EU don't require one. Also nearby Lebanon and Egypt as an example still demand a visa which is rather complex for eleventh hour business travel and meetings.

Finally a point of myself. Dubai generally seems to have the ability to take advantage amazing buildings, attractions and artificial islands. However, why is people transport service in Dubai so poor in comparison to its luxurious hotels and malls. That is certainly one large contrast. Lots of the Taxis are charging high rates and particularly those at the airport. Cant some rail network be build between the airport and Dubai and possible even the beach area. Kuala Lumpur builds an excellent rail system once they opened their new airport many years back. I'm sure that Dubai would become a level better tourism hotspot with such as for example system.

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