Are the Astels a innovation? The Astels are a cool addition to my playing style. In Beta, I just had six out of 33 potential Astels to select from, but those were enough to spin and try out. Particularly in the open world, Healer and Tank Astels are extremely useful, particularly if you simply play DPS yourself. In large demand, DDs and extra healers are in dungeons with Astellia Asper. The Legendary Dungeons: To get a first feel for legendary dungeons, the Astellia developers have added an NPC that immediately put me on par 50 and gave me legendary gear.After finishing a solo dungeon, the five Legendary Dungeons unlocked for me personally. Following a short set search, we ventured into the experience with a tank, a healer, a Mage and me as Archer.

Even the garbage dinosaurs were exhausting because they lived so long. This is also a little problem in the world that is open, the higher you get in the degree. The first boss we attained after a few Wipes, but the fight was completely hopeless. Apparently, we had to upgrade and upgrade skills and our equipment. Both failed due to the materials that were required. Incidentally, I didn't have a problem with dungeon tickets, that were heavily criticized beforehand. I received some.

The craft: A huge content of the endgame is your craft, with which you can create legendary equipment. The system is rather simple: There are eight professions that you can all learn with a single personality. Additionally, you will find five collective professions (mining, lumberjack, etc.) where you can just learn two. Besides this gear, you will also get gems and runes for updating, potions and enthusiast food. A testing on my component fails but also here to substances which need to be collected. The PvP: My experiences with the PvP are all manageable. I played several duels in the open world and mostly lost. In the Duel Arena I signed up for a solo game, which however never began even after almost 50 minutes of waiting.

But there's a leaderboard at which you can see the best players and their rating. How they started their matches with cheap Astellia Online Asper, I do not know. The area Avalon hasn't opened up to me personally in the evaluation. There are three factions, and seemingly you are delegated to a faction through the guild. Then you can fight on the map, but ran in 20 minutes journey upon the map no rival on the way. Can Astellia satisfy desire ? In about 12 hours of playing time I've experienced a good deal in Astellia. I've leveled, visited dungeons and sniffed in all regions of the game. And I am satisfied.

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