We had entirely excessive fun considering the Madden GIFerator

EA Sports had this crazy undeniable idea that sounded like, from the perfect world, it will work. They empowered football fans to generate their personal GIFs full of player animations, backgrounds, and smack talk getting an impossible Madden Overdrive Coins easy-to-use generator that another monkey can determine -- could, because we did. They known as it because Madden GIFerator, plus it turned out good.
Originally "created to help fans celebrate their preferred team's biggest plays and challenge their rivals," the GIFerator has spawned many GIFs who go far beyond simple jabs at other teams between sports fans.
The Destructoid team took for Buy Madden Overdrive Coins your GIFerator to uncover what irreverent silliness we would come on top of, along with all the results are, well, practically whatever you'd expect. Here's the cream in the crop from folks who participated. You know very well what that means, now right? You ought to build your private and share it below.
We'll be waiting.

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