Utilizing the Firewall as a DHCP server

As a matter of course, the firewall will work as a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server, enabling it to give an IP address in DNS server address, WINS Server address, and default entryway address to all PCs associated with the firewall LAN. The appointed default portal address is the LAN address of the firewall. IP delivers will be doled out to the appended PCs from a pool of addresses determined in mywifiext menu. Each pool address is tried before it is allocated to maintain a strategic distance from copy addresses on the LAN.

For most applications, the default DHCP and TCP/IP settings of the firewall are attractive in the See the connection to "Setting up a Computer for Network Access" in Appendix B, "Related Documents" for a clarification of DHCP and data about how to dole out IP addresses for your system. On the off chance that another gadget on your system will be the DHCP server, or in the event that you will physically arrange the arrange settings of the majority of your PCs, clear the Enable DHCP server radio box by choosing the Disable DHCP Server radio box. Something else, abandon it checked. Determine the pool of IP delivers to be allocated by setting the Starting IP Address and Ending IP Address. These addresses ought to be a piece of a similar IP address subnet as the firewall's LAN IP address. Utilizing the default tending to plot, you ought to characterize a range among and, despite the fact that you may wish to spare piece of the range for gadgets with fixed locations.

The firewall will convey the accompanying parameters to any LAN gadget that demands DHCP:

  • An IP Address from the range you have characterized.
  • Subnet Mask.
  • Gateway IP Address (the firewall's LAN IP address).
  • Primary DNS Server (the firewall's LAN IP address).
  • WINS Server (on the off chance that you entered a WINS server address in the DHCP Setup menu).
  • Lease Time (date got and term of lease).Configuring the LAN Setup Options.

The LAN IP Setup menu permits arrangement of LAN IP administrations, for example, DHCP and permits you to arrange an optional or "multi-home" LAN IP setup in the LAN. The default esteems are reasonable for most clients and circumstances. These are propelled settings most typically designed by a arrange head.

To change the LAN IP administrations:

1. Select Network Configuration from the fundamental menu and LAN Setup from the submenu of the program interfaceof The LAN IP Setup screen will display

2. Enter the IP Address of your switch (manufacturing plant default: Ensure that LAN Port IP address and DMZ port IP address are in various subnets.

3. Enter the IP Subnet Mask in The subnet cover determines the system number part of an IP address. Your switch will naturally compute the subnet cover dependent on the IP address that you allocate. Except if you are actualizing subnetting, utilize as the subnet veil (figured by the switch).

4. DHCP Server. Of course, the switch will work as a DHCP server, giving TCP/IP setup for all PCs associated with the switch's LAN. In the event that another gadget on your system will be the DHCP server, or on the off chance that you will physically arrange all gadgets, select the Incapacitate DHCP Server radio catch. On the off chance that the Enable DHCP Server radio catch is chosen, complete the accompanying fields: DHCP Log. Snap this catch to see the IP tends to which have been apportioned by the DHCP Server to PCs and other DHCP customers. Beginning IP Address. This crate determines the first of the bordering addresses in the IP address pool. is the default begin address. Completion IP Address. This container indicates the remainder of the bordering addresses in the IP address pool. is the default finishing address. WINS Server. This case can indicate the Windows NetBios Server IP in the event that one is available in your system. Rent Time. This crate determines the Lease time to be given to the DHCP Clients. Snap Apply to spare your settings

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