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Food catering businesses are sprawling in different cities today. This type of business offers great satisfaction to both clients and owners because of the nature of the product. Another reason why this type of service is among the most profitable is because there are a lot of events and gatherings in a person's life that there is always a need to avail of this kind of service. Sometimes, you won't need to be the best chef in town, the skill and adequate knowledge you have can be improved.

It is always advisable that when you start your own catering career to always have a specialty. The best thing about this type of business is that you can be very creative especially in your menu and be unique that you can compete with other catering businesses in your town. If you have the same cooking style with your competitors, then clients can just move from you to other catering services. A specialty in one recipe or dish will definitely help a lot. Improving your skills and creating new recipe will never end, and once you have found the right recipe, make it as a house specialty. Different people have different preference and it is important as a food services owner to be versatile and know a lot of recipes that can cater to your client's needs.

People evolve along with their preference and to keep up with them, regularly update yourself with what is popular in the food industry. Improving your culinary skill is the best way to improve this type of business. You will be able to improve your skills and talent in cooking that can be very helpful in your business.

There are no two food catering that have the same cooking styles. They were able to do such because they are adventurous enough to try out new things. A common dish can be turned into one spectacular food by incorporating your own style. Take for example a roasted chicken, try to be creative and make that plain roasted chicken into one amazing dish by using other ingredients and spices to create your own distinct taste that would keep your client wanting for more. Successful food catering services all have the similar path and one of these is being creative.

Contratry to what most people think, this type of business is one of the least expensive. Most food services have humble beginnings and work their way up. You have to be creative in catching the attention of your potential clients. Advertising your business is one effective way to gather more customers to flock into your food catering services, make sure that you have legally registered your business to your local city or town. The easiest way to gather potential clients is to advertise through the use of printed materials such as posters and flyers. Online advertising is common too. Social media sites are now being used regularly to freely advertise businesses online. If you lack utensils and equipment, you can opt to rent these materials. Not all equipment will suit your catering needs, to help you choose the best before buying, renting equipment and utensils will actually help you in determining what equipment you will need. Your business will grow and so is your utensil and equipment needs, renting might not be anymore helpful and you will need to purchase your own materials. You will only need a few people to help you start up your business. About 3 to 5 members are need to help you start this food catering business. After months of successful catering services, your business will flourish and that will be your cue to hire more people to help you out.

Ah, the food trend. In the 50s and 60s, it was gelatin-based dishes like the "Perfection Salad" that's literally just a salad encased in wobbly, chewy, jiggly gelatin (yes... really). The 70s brought the classic cheese log to any respectable cocktail party.

In the 80s, it was "blackened" chicken and fish, Coca-Cola, and sushi. In the 90s, it was fat-free everything, sun-dried tomatoes, and Dippin' Dots. The early 2000s brought us green ketchup , watermelon-feta salads, and miniature cupcakes.

So, what did this decade bring us in terms of new food trends? What about 2019 food trends specifically? Let's dig in on 5 of our favorites!

In the past, asking Google about "food trucks near me " would've yielded few results, if any. But the food truck industry has exploded in recent years, growing 8 percent every year since 2011.


As of 2019, the food truck industry is worth an estimated $1 billion dollars with a dedicated food truck park in almost every major city and trucks appearing in most places across the country. They serve everyone from hungry ravers at music festivals to 9-5 workers on their lunch break to wedding guests acting as a different type of catering service.

The versatility and creativity that food trucks bring are likely the top reasons why they're so popular in 2019. In an age of innovation and creativity being ranked as some of the most important qualities by millennials (who are now the majority of the workforce and consumers in the world) it's no wonder food trucks (a creative form of a traditional "restaurant") are so popular!

Alternative milks aren't a new fad: "traditional" milk sales dropped $1.1 billion in 2018 while plant and nut milks experienced a 9 percent rise in sales to amount to $1.6 billion dollars.

The most popular alternative milks of the past few years include soy, almond, and coconut. However, oat milk is experiencing a huge boost in popularity this year with the most popular brand Oatly forced to increase production by 1250 percent to keep up with the demand!

Many find oat milk to be thicker and creamier than other plant-based milks. There's also evidence suggesting that oat milk is the most environmentally friendly alternative milk option because oats can be grown all over the world and oats use much less water compared to other options.

On the same thread as oat milk is The Impossible Burger, one of the many plant-based meat options that has arisen in recent years. With 30 percent of Americans saying they're reducing their meat consumption and the demand rising for more plant-based options, $2 billion has been invested in the plant-based meat industry with the entire industry to be worth $5 billion by 2020.


Impossible Foods has been a leader of the pack for quite a while creating faux meat from soy protein: Impossible Sausages, Impossible Egg, Impossible Ground Beef, and more.

But nothing is as popular as the Impossible Burger. Lauded as a veggie burger for meat eaters, this burger looks, tastes, and cooks just like a "normal" burger patty. It's even sold in the section where the real meat is looking just like other raw patties.

These burgers are so popular that there's actually a shortage in stock !


You can't scroll through Instagram health pages for more than a few seconds before you come across a page explaining the great taste and benefits of celery juice. Yes, you read that correctly: celery juice.

This bright green potion is said to activate digestive enzymes ketering beograd , lower cholesterol, help liver function, and even heal digestive problems. It's said that this trend reached its peak popularity in 2019, but the word is still out on whether this truly is a "miracle plant" or if this is another fad that will fade quickly.

Food trends don't end with the food itself: food industry trends are just as relevant.

Besides food trucks, cafes with themes is another trend we've been noticing rise since around 2015. From cat cafes where cute felines run around while patrons sip coffee to book/video game themed cafes like a Pokemon or a Harry Potter Cafe, these themed cafes have been constantly popping up this year!

These are the hottest trends in food right now, but the question is whether they'll stay hot or cool off as the next decade fast approaches. People tend to lose interest in gimmicks pretty quickly (looking at you, green ketchup), but trends like the plant-based foods seem to be here to stay.

Time will tell! In the meantime, try some celery juice to see what the fuss is all about (if you dare).

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