Unable to Login to the WiFi Range Extender

If you are unfit to sign in to the WiFi go extender, check the accompanying: If you are utilizing an Ethernet-associated PC, check the Ethernet association between the PC and the extender as depicted in the past area. If you have an Internet association with the WiFi go extender, you can enter both of these addresses to interface: http:// www mywifiext net or http:// www mywifiext com.

If there is no Internet association with the extender, you can interface your PC to the extender, at that point open a Web program on your PC and interface with http://

. Make beyond any doubt that you are utilizing the right login data. The industrial facility default login name is administrator, and the secret phrase is secret key. Ensure that Caps Lock is off when you enter this data. Typically, your PC's location ought to be in the scope of to Allude to your PC's documentation for help with finding your PC's IP address.

Make beyond any doubt that your program has Java, JavaScript, or ActiveX empowered. On the off chance that you are utilizing Internet Explorer, click Refresh to make certain that the Java applet is stacked. Take a stab at shutting the program and beginning it once more. The Internet Service Connection Is Not Working If your WiFi go extender is unfit to get to the Internet, watch that the Internet association is working, and afterward watch that the WiFi run extender can get an Internet address. On the off chance that your PC's IP address is 169.254.x.x, confirm that you have a decent association from the PC to the extender, and after that restart your PC.

RangeMax WiFi Range Extender Setup Manual Help with Troubleshooting 29 v1.0, March 2008 To watch that the Internet association is working: Web association. First confirm that your door/switch has a fruitful association. The door/switch status lights demonstrate if the passage/switch association is fruitful or not. Check your passage/switch documentation, or call your Internet Service Provider for help with confirming that the entryway/switch has an effective association. Remote range extender Internet light is off. On the off chance that the Internet light is off, check that the Ethernet link is safely associated with the entryway/switch, and that both the door/switch and WiFi go extender are turned on.

Remote range extender Internet light is green or flickering green. In the event that your Internet light is green or squinting green, at that point you have a decent Internet association, and your wiring is right. Remote range extender Internet light is golden. On the off chance that your Internet light is golden, at that point your WiFi run extender has an effective association with your door/switch, however no IP address has been gotten. The Internet light should turn green inside a few minutes. On the off chance that these strategies don't tackle the issue, see "Acquiring an Internet IP Address" or "Investigating Connectivity Using the Ping Utility" Getting an Internet IP Address If your Internet light is golden or squinting golden, check the WiFi go extender to check whether it can get an Internet IP address from your specialist organization.

Except if you have a fixed Internet address, your WiFi go extender consequently demands an IP address through a DHCP server from your specialist organization. To check the Internet IP address from the mywifiext program interface. Sign in to the WiFi go extender. Select WiFi Range Extender Status under Management on the fundamental menu to watch that an IP address is appeared for the Internet port. In the event that is appeared, your WiFi go extender has not gotten an IP address from your passage/switch. Investigating Internet Browsing If your WiFi run extender can acquire an IP address however your PC is unfit to stack any Web pages from the Internet: Restart the PC. Check every single link association.

Check that the WiFi go extender address ( or mywifiext.net) is recorded by your PC as the default portal/switch address. My Wireless Performance Is Poor If your remote execution is poor, there are a few potential causes. To improve poor execution: 1. Check that you have incapacitated your ISP entryway/switch/switch's remote element (for help, go to http:// kbserver mywifiext.net / items / WPN824EXT .asp, and snap the connection for your locale). 2. Confirm that your gadget is related with the WiFi go extender. The Test light flickers gradually if there is no remote customer related with the extender.

I Need to Restore the Default Password and Configuration Settings This segment discloses how to reestablish the production line default design settings, changing the extender's organization secret phrase to secret key and the IP address to To reestablish the production line default arrangement settings, utilize the reestablish industrial facility settings catch on the back board of the extender: Utilize a sharp item like a pen or a paper clasp to press and hold the reestablish industrial facility settings catch for around 20 seconds until the Test light on the front turns on.

Discharge the reestablish industrial facility settings catch, and hang tight for the extender to restart. The manufacturing plant default WiFi run extender address is Be that as it may, if the extender recognizes a contention with the location it gets from your passage/switch, it naturally picks an alternate location for itself. For this situation, you can sign in to the extender utilizing mywifiext.net to check its LAN IP address. Select LAN IP Setup under Advanced on the fundamental menu. Observe the LAN TCP/IP setup IP address, which should coordinate the default portal/switch IP address on your PC.


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