U.C.DAAP students put on annual fashion show

The University of Cincinnati DAAP program is often recognized for its development of young talent in the fashion world. This Friday that talent will be on display during the 64th annual fashion design show.

About 30 seniors and some underclassmen will show more than 300 garments. Those looks will be presented on professional models that will walk a 92-foot catwalk. No, this is not your typical college fashion show. The students in UC's DAAP program of fashion design are about to learn what it's like to have all eyes on them, or their work, at least.

UC senior Greg Trybula has always been into art design. "Design for me is not just expressing myself and my own creativity and trying to show the world what I can do, but I also think it's about solving a problem," Trybula said. It's an important element in design -- how to think outside the box, make it work and market your product. These are lessons the students of DAAP are learning by bringing fashion design to life. Trybula is one of dozens showing at the spring fashion show.

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It's an opportunity most students don't get, at least not at this level. "Universities and schools have shows at the end of their design programs, but usually much, much smaller. I don't know that there is any school out there that has an audience of 1,500," said show producer Laurie Wilson. For an up-and-coming fashion designer, it's a chance not to be missed and the time to show who you are as a young talent. "The blood, sweat, and tears phrase is completely real," Trybula said. "I have bled into things and cursed into things before and have been really emotional and shed tears over this collection because it takes so much time and so much energy and so much willpower to pull this thing together." It takes a lot of hard work on little sleep to get it all done in time. "The last two weeks, I feel like it's this huge storm that happens and then it rains and rains and then it goes into this tiny little gully and it all has to go through really fast and quick and furious," Wilson said.

When Friday arrives, the pressure is off and it's time to shine. "Not as much stress and anxiety for the show as excitement and pure bliss. You, know, once that stuff shows we're just going to be ecstatic," said Trybula. The Friday night show is sold out, but for just $10 you can get a ticket to the rehearsal Thursday night. That is where everything comes together.

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