Tutorial Guide: Steps for Applying and Removing Popsockets

A Custom Popsocket is a great way to get a better grip on your mobile phone. They can easily be attached to the back of your mobile phone. This will allow you to hold your phone better. Also, Popsockets make it much more comfortable to take selfies. You can use a Popsocket as a stand or wrap earphones around them to keep things untangled. Popsocket mounts can be applied to a surface such as a car dashboard that holds your phone while you drive. Keep on reading to learn more about Popsockets.

We have created a step-by-step guide for applying Popsockets, removing Popsockets, and a summary of common issues and their fixes.


Part 1: Applying a Popsocket Grip

Purchase a cool Popsocket: There are lots of options available online for buying Popsockets. At Memory Suppliers, you can buy Popsockets at wholesale rates.

Decide where to Place/Attach: Prop up your phone vertically and position the Popsocket on the bottom of your phone. For large phones, use two Popsockets or attach a Popsocket directly to your phone case.

Peel off the sticker on the adhesive surface: Ready to attach your Popsocket? Carefully peel off the sticker. To avoid ripping it, start at corner and gently lift it up.

Stick the Popsocket on your Phone: Once the adhesive surface is exposed, push it onto the spot where you want the Popsocket to be. Press down firmly for 10-15 seconds.


Part 2: Removing the Popsocket

Push the top of the Popsocket down if it’s expanded: Never try to remove the Popsocket from the device while it is still expanded.

Work your fingernails under the base: Start from a corner and press your fingernails against the sides of the Popsocket base. Push until you can feel it sliding underneath. You should be able to feel the base of the Popsocket pulling away from your phone.

Pull the Popsocket off the phone: Slowly pull the grip of Popsocket. Pull gently until Popsocket comes off.


Run the base of Popsocket under cold water: Run your Popsocket under cold water for at least 3 seconds, but no more than 5 seconds. Let it dry for around 10 minutes.

Let the Popsocket Dry: Leave your Popsocket out to dry for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off the water with a paper towel. Make sure you don’t keep the Popsocket off your phone for more than 15 minutes.

Stick the Popsocket back onto your phone: Any clean flat surface will do. However, a Popsocket might not stick well to surfaces like leather, silicone, or waterproof surfaces.

This is the complete guide on applying, removing, and cleaning Popsockets. Popsockets with tons of customizable options are available at Memory Suppliers. This means you can get your Popsocket in any color. Also, you can even go for photo imprints on your Popsockets. Buy cool Popsockets and flaunt your style among your friends and family.

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