Try Alaquainc Evaporation Systems to Achieve a Sustainable and Effective Process

As we know that Evaporation is an effective method to minimize the volume of waste products. Our Plate evaporator systems are build in such a way to increase the effluent to its boiling point due to this reason the water get  evaporates and then condenses, obtaining a final concentrated product and water. The method of forced recirculation uses a pump to send the waste product through the evaporator in order to ensure that the heat transfer rates remain high and the adverse effects of fouling are at minimum level.

Evaporative system multiple effect

EVAPORATION SYSTEMS WITH CORRUGATED LONG TUBE:-For the evaporation of low viscosity effluents and waste having a reduced particle size, we use the K Series heat exchanger method, which in turn provides high heat transfer and good resistance.

These systems can be applied in these areas:-

  • sewage water
  • Effluents with low to medium viscosity
  • Low content of suspended solids


For this we use the Unicus Series as an evaporator module for high contamination fluids with high viscosities. By concentrating the materials to a high percentage of dry solids, the risk of fouling and high viscosity becomes evident.

These systems can be applied in these areas:-

  • Effluents with high risk of soiling
  • Organic solids with high concentration of dry matter
  • High content of suspended solids

We use two technologies that maximize the use of energy, within our range of evaporation systems:


These systems combine several stages of evaporation. The steam obtained from a previous stage is used as a source of thermal energy for the resulting stage. Multiple stages can be combined to reduce the energy consumption required for the amount of evaporated water.


In the MVR configuration, the steam is sent to a compressor (where the pressure and temperature increase) and is used as a source of thermal energy in the evaporation process. In this configuration only electric power is used (to drive the compressor). In the TVR configuration, the steam can be mixed in a thermo compressor with the steam coming from the boiler, which generates a considerable energy saving.

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