Troubleshoot an AOL dial-up connection

A dial-up connection is a form of internet access that works by establishing a connection with the internet service provider through the public telephone network. The AOL dial-up connection allows users to experience an enhanced broadband internet connection and also keeps users safe while the access the net. Dial-up connections are normally slower than broadband internet connections and users often call AOL helpline number to complain of errors while using a connection with the AOL dial-up.

Since customers use the internet for so many different purposes it can be very frustrating when the internet service is down and you cannot get online. If you are among those users who are struggling with their AOL dial-up connection then you have come to the right place. This is a comprehensive guide to show you how you can troubleshoot your AOL dial-up connection.

Steps to troubleshoot AOL dial-up connection

  1. Problem with the dial tone: Check to see if you are getting a dial tone on your connection. If you are getting a dial tone then it is understood that there is a problem with your computer or browser settings. If you do not have a dial tone you know that the problem is with the service.
  2. Change in phone services: As mentioned earlier a dial-up connection works through the public phone networks. If you have changed your phone service then it may cause a problem with the dial-up connection.

  3. Careful with the cable: Something as small as a loose cable connection or a broken cord disrupt the internet. Verify that all the cables are securely in place.

  4. Reconnect the phone devices: Unplug all the devices that are connected to the dial-up connection and then reconnect them one by one.

  5. Restart your computer: As with the phone devices disconnect and restart your computer system. This should clear the memory log and allow your system to refresh.

    7. Change the access number
    :If for whatever reason you cannot connect to the AOL Dialer, you can try manually entering an alternate access number to try and connect to the internet.

  6. Confirm your username and password: Sometimes a mistake in the login credentials entered will halt access to the internet. Be sure to use the correct username and password while logging in.

If the connection is still giving trouble it is best to speak to the internet service provider. You can reach out to an AOL representative through the aol phone number available online. Experts are available 24 hours a day to help you troubleshoot the dial-up error so that you can get back online and use the internet.

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