Transport the washing machine safely - That's how it works:

If you are going to transport your washing machine, then the following information offered by commercial laundry will surely be helpful

  1. Prepare tools for the washing machine transport

When washing machine transport applies: Good preparation is the nuts and bolts. For the action to go smoothly, you need the following tools in addition to two strong straps:

Stablehand truck

Tension belts

Rubber mat

Working gloves

Strong tape

Bubble Wrap


Two hose clamps from the hardware store

Transport device

  1. Close the washing machine off the water:

Before you transport the washing machine, you must complete the device. Here we explain step by step how this works:

Block the water and power supply by turning off the main tap and pulling the plug out of the socket. Caution: Never touch a connected power cord or the plug with wet or damp hands, as you could get a life-threatening electric shock.

  1. Drain off water:

This is very much important point to consider as suggested by a commercial laundry. Both in the washing machine and your pipes, there is residual water. Larger amounts of water are in the hoses and the lower part of the washing machine. To drain the residual water from the machine:

To prevent flooding, place the ends of the tubing in a bucket before removing the clamps and let the water run out.

Once the water has drained from the hoses, dedicate yourself to the residual water in the washing machine floor.

At the base of the device, you will find a small flap with a tube embedded in it. Open the flap and tilt the entire washing machine so that the remaining water can run out.

Resulting pools of water wipe up with the fake.

  1. Pack the washing machine properly for transport:

The housing of the machine could be damaged during transport. To protect it, follow these instructions:

Wrap the upright device twice from side to side with bubble wrap.

Then wrap the washing machine in the upper, middle and lower area once tightly with tape. This will prevent the protective layer from slipping.

  1. Invite the washing machine:

Arrived at the transport vehicle, it is now only the washing machine to load correctly. How to do this right, you will learn here:

When the transport vehicle arrives, turn off the sack truck and release the strap.

Layout the load compartment with a rubber mat. To prevent the washing machine from slipping when driving.

Then lift the washing machine together with your helper and place it upright on the rubber mat.

If there is an upright wall in the cargo hold, it is recommended to place the washing machine flush with it.

Finally, fix the washing machine with straps.

Properly transported, the machine will keep your laundry clean for a long time.

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