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Original Title: Total Recall 2070

Genge: Action,Sci-Fi































In a dark, multi-cultural mega-city on earth in 2070s, David Hume, a smart dedicated human and Ian Farve, an advanced android of mysterious origins, are two detectives of Citizens Protection Bureau (CPB) who investigate crimes related to rogue or self-aware androids, advanced cyber technologies espionage and illegal genetic experiments conducted by a few powerful companies who literally rule the world.
By no means am I saying this was bad series or anything, but it copied alot. It did have a neat sense of techno style that to me seemed taken from Phillip K. Dick's other famous movie adaptation: Blade Runner, and not entirely from the movie Total Recall. It also reminded me alot of the series TekWar with its future cops trying to thwart criminals that use the future's techno devices to commit their crimes and spread chaos in the uncertain times of the 21st century. Its a shame it was cancelled so early when we have bonifide sci-fi crap hogging our screens. This show at least proved refreshing in the old cops and robbers game can be dressed up to look new.
Although it tries to be "Blade Runner", Michael Easton is no Harrison Ford. Probably due to the lifeless direction of Mario Azzopardi, et. al., the series is a cure for insomnia. Karl Pruner's "Farve" tries hard to be ST:TNG's Mr. Data, but his character lacks Data's depth and 'humanity'.

Having seen every episode so far, I still have no idea what the show is about, other than that this amoral company has some insidious plan to take over the world. But there is no life in the show. And no humor. The one character we, the audience, care about - Olivia Hume - has almost nothing to do, which is a shame because the lovely and talented Cynthia Preston is the best thing about the show.

Although the sets are interesting in a Blade Runner-esque sort of way, the lighting is so overdone that everything looks flat and fake. I could go on for pages, but I think I've made my point.


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